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888: Five years

Kyle and I have been together for 5 years and 2 months now. And I've honestly realized that he's the one for me. We're not perfect. But we complement each other. After living together for so long, we've had to maintain a long distance relationship due to unseen circumstances. Obviously its not easy to get used to. I used to get so irritated because he snores loudly. And I miss that now. I'd rather he be here and snore when he sleeps. Not that its good health wise. But you get the point. 
We're both still unemployed. I literally have 3 degrees. Kyle has a PhD. I've applied for a Masters programme and got an offer few months ago. They were impressed with my application but clearly not impressed enough to offer me a scholarship. Jokes aside, I accept it. I'm hoping that this is the right decision for me to take. And I do hope that once I complete my Masters, Kyle and I can settle down at the same place again.
So, a former classmate of mine has been really …