Yesterday was my first day in the lab for the project. It was everything I hoped it'd be. Mostly. But since it was the first day it was just getting used to the layout and equipment. The office doesn't have space anymore so I've been given a corner in the lab as a space to do my work. I mean, it isn't ideal but I can manage. My view is a shelf full of bottles. The other student who is sharing the project with me isn't exactly easy to work with. I mean, I'm just assuming he's sharing the project since he did exactly the same stuff as me. I do want to discuss and work together. But he's very intrusive into my personal space and I don't know how to respond to that. I also know that he needs a lot of help and this isn't a competition. My supervisor has asked me to modify my initials on the cell culture plates since mine looks like more like a number. I wrote 'IA' and she assumed it was '1A' since we had a cell line with that code. T…


I watched Rilakkuma and Friends on Netflix last month. Its so cute! And the amount of work and detail put into the animation is amazing.

I hope there's a second season! I think Kiiroitori is the cutest!!


I've been back in UK for 2 weeks now. And I've been down with the worst cold ever. The cough is one of the worst I've ever had. I'm a bit worried since I'm starting lab work next week and the first section involves cell cultures. What if I cough into the culture and it grows something else.

Isn't it a bit hypocritical when supermarkets here are all about bringing your own shopping bags but they wrap everything in the store with all the plastic they can. I bought these mangoes from Waitrose for £2.40. They are placed in a plastic tray and then sealed in plastic packaging with a 'best before' date. The plastics can be recycled, but is it really necessary to use plastic in the first place?
I went to the supermarket at 10am the other day and it was one of the best shopping experiences I had. Because the entire store was empty. Reminds me of the times I used to go to 1U at 10am.
And I miss baking. I like to experiment with different desserts. I was reminded…


Kyle parked at Senai and we flew to KL for my flight back to UK. Saw this bird (is it a crane?) at the airport when we were walking from the carpark.

I know that claw machines are a tactic to get your money. But Kyle and I randomly try these things once in a while. These machines were at Senai airport. I always take a video when Kyle plays and we look at how the machines are wired to cheat. Most of the machines slightly relax the claws once it has picked up the toy. But these ones seem to be using a different tactic to cheat.

Bubble tea store at Senai airport. I tried the Green Tea which was actually good because it wasn't overly sweet. We stayed at the airport for so long because the flight was delayed due to bad weather. Senai airport has improved a lot over the past few years.

Once we reached KL we stayed at the Tune Hotel outside KLIA2 since it was just for that one night.

We were so exhausted after walking all over KLIA2 that we fell asleep after checking in. I think we went in…


My trip back has been rather happening to put it simply. I was almost hit by a car twice while crossing. The first time was outside Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. It was near the pick up/drop off sort of area and not the main road. I was almost at the end when a car drove by without stopping. While I know that its impossible to stop people like these, I also feel like the police kiosk directly outside the mall is to make Singaporeans feel "safe" and nothing else. The second incident was near Tune Hotel KLIA2. This was at a proper zebra crossing with traffic lights. All the vehicles stopped except for this one car and I got the feeling that it was intentional because I actually felt the wind rush past me as the car sped off because whoever it was didn't even bother to slow down. And its impossible to have picked up speed because the crossing was after a sharp turn. Obviously I'm way too used to people following the traffic lights at road crossings here in UK.
Kyle and I h…


[I wrote this some time last month and have been delaying to post it]

I have been having multiple acne breakouts for the past year. I think its mostly because of a change in the environment. Because I've never had acne even when I was a teen. I've been trying out quite a number of products to help control it and I think I have found the combination that works for me.

The OXY cleanser works really well to clear up acne. But I personally feel that it is rather strong and I can't stand the smell. Having said that, it is one of the cheapest and gives the quickest results. The cleanser from Kiehl's takes some time to work but it is gentle enough to be used daily. But I just can't justify the price for what it does. I've been using the cleanser from La Roche Posay for a few weeks now and it doesn't really help with acne for me. It is a good cleanser for daily use if you have oily skin though. The La Roche Posay mask works fine as well. Generally I haven't had…