I bought these from the supermarket a few days ago because they were listed at half price. These were the Christmas party snacks for 2018. I had a party for myself, alone. I normally disregard the spicy rating on all foods here because they can put 6 red chillis on the packaging and it'd still taste sweet. But these tacos were so spicy! The chicken tikka bites had a weird taste.

Iceland frozen foods are absolute garbage (Iceland is a supermarket chain with a frozen food specialty here). I think everyone buys their stuff only because its cheap. How can two personal sized microwaveable pizzas (similar to the pizza hut ones) cost £1 where as two pieces of chicken breast costs £2???? 
I bought another packet of frozen pre-prepared chicken pieces as well and I had an allergic reaction after eating it. The consistency of the meat didn't look like chicken at all. It felt more like seafood. I know it wasn't seafood. But I know that it wasn't chicken either. I really wonder wh…


I'm doing the units that I selected this semester. And I'm trying really hard to convince myself that I should continue instead of quitting. I have a one hour class 4 times a week max. And I feel like this is way too little. They could have arranged the timetable in a way that most of these classes can be completed soon instead of spending an entire semester like this. But I also know the motive behind this. The university wants to shorten the research component duration. Before I joined, I was told it'll be 18-20 weeks of research. Now it has been shortened to 10 weeks. This isn't an undergraduate course. I'm extremely unhappy about how unprofessional the university is about the entire course. There's no honesty at all. My purpose of doing a Masters before doing a PhD was to get more hand on experience with lab work. Not to sit in a class and learn about basic things I've already learned in med school. 
There were supposed to be room inspections last Nove…


So I mentioned in my previous post that my experience on Emirates was far from what people claim it to be. I know that the food can be subjective. But the crew were so unprofessional. I've actually seen two different crew members roll their eyes at passengers when they asked for tea. And I heard them gossiping about another passenger as well. Maybe it was someone from a different flight. But I doubt that they should have done that while serving the meal to other passengers.

This was the first meal served on the flight from UK to Dubai. It was served 3 hours into the flight and the flight was delayed by over an hour due to de-icing procedures. I had food poisoning after eating this.

This was the second meal on the flight from UK to Dubai. The entire "sandwich" was dry and disgusting. It tasted like paper.

This was the dinner served on the flight from Dubai to KL. The chicken looked and tasted quite raw. :\

This was the breakfast served on the flight from KL to Dubai. The pot…


I thought of writing more when I was in KL. But obviously that didn't happen. I came back to UK yesterday and my first class starts tomorrow. I also thought that by going back, I will be able to get the closure that I needed with Kyle. If anything, the entire trip has left me more unsure about things. But we have mutually agreed to remain friends and see how things work out. 
I really did not want to come back to UK. But I know that this is the right thing to do. At least for now.
And I don't see why people compliment Emirates so much. This was my first time flying with them and I hated it. I've had better service with AirAsia. 
I normally don't make new year resolutions. But if I were to make one for 2019, it'd be to make better decisions. I'm not entirely sure if that counts as a resolution. But I think that is something I want to achieve.


I received an email last week regarding my flight to KL from here. It was an invitation to purchase a lounge pass at a "discounted price". £94 isn't a "discounted price" when I know that they actually do sell lounge passes for around $100 at other airports. Or maybe their lounges are more expensive here? Anyway, the fine print says that if the lounge is full and I can't enter, I MAY be eligible for a refund. No thanks. So I received another email today with an offer to upgrade my ticket to business class. I have so many issues with this. First of all, the offer was only from here to Dubai and not from Dubai to KL. Secondly, it would actually have cost me less if I bought a business class ticket to start off rather than opt for their upgrade. Do they really think people are stupid when they try to pull off marketing stunts like these. I just hope that their service is better than Cathay Pacific.

I was packing some of my stuff and came across the ring Kyle g…


I had one of my exams today. I can't even begin to say how annoyed I am about the paper. I know that people generally tend to accept these things because exams are set by people who are supposedly more experienced and what not. But today's exam was garbage. There were 7 questions in total and the allocated time was 2 hours. I have several problems with the exam paper. For starters, to score full or near full marks for each question, you definitely have to write almost an entire page. Because one question itself has 4-5 questions embedded inside. And no, its not one of those things where the question goes 1a, 1b and so on. It was more like "why does this happen? if it does happen then how do you prove this? which experiment can be done to disprove this? how do you setup a proper control for this?" as "one" question. As a postgrad exam, this was irresponsible and ridiculous. By the time I finished the second question, I had one hour left. I wrote two pages f…


My mum called me earlier today to ask for help regarding some company related stuff. So I agreed to help her out once she sent me all the details. Somehow the conversation turned to Kyle. She told me that she doesn't see him as an outsider and sees him as part of the family no matter what happens. And like I've said numerous times, this is a really big thing coming from her. Because she has never been fine with any guy I've dated or been close friends with. She has always had quite a lot to say about them. While I do appreciate that she accepts him as part of the family, I think it is irrelevant since Kyle and I are no longer together. I wouldn't say that this could have been avoided if I hadn't introduced him to my mum. Because that wasn't possible since we were living together and she used to visit 3-4 times a year. Last year when Kyle and I moved to KL, we had to actually pretend that he stayed in the guest bedroom and moved to the master bedroom whenever s…