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Kyle and I were having breakfast today when his aunt came here. As usual, I went upstairs to hide. Although I ran up, deep inside I was calm. I was fed up having to do this. I understand why I need to do that. Its because anyone seeing me here will create unnecessary problems. But a part of me yearns for him to proudly show me off to the world. 
When we lived in Johor Bahru, Kyle would purposely speed up or cover his face when we drove past his uncle's shop. We had to pass by his uncle's shop no matter where we went because it was nearby our apartment. When I used to drop him off at his office, he'd run off as soon as I reach without even saying bye, scared that someone will see me. But he's perfectly fine for my friends and classmates to be seen. Because when I had to stay until late at the hospital, he used to pick me up and drop me off at the A&E along with some of my classmates. 
I am extremely hurt about this to be honest. But I don't want to talk to him a…


I reached Johor Bahru a couple of days ago. I was extremely reluctant to make this trip because I didn't want to see Kyle. But I'm glad I did. Even though I am not happy with how things are, I know that this is an important time for me to support Kyle. Because at the end of the day, I still love him no matter what. My issues with him can hold on till we sort other things out.
Since I came here, I haven't done much except sleep because that's something I can't do back at home. We are actually staying at Kyle's hometown because no one lives there. His family lives in Johor Bahru/Singapore. Its not that we like to stay here. But at this point, we don't have a place to go other than this. We don't even have our own car. We sold both cars in January this year.
Even though I'm here with Kyle, I have been doing office work for my mother. Technically I do own a small part of the new company because I too am a shareholder. But working with my mother is impo…


I normally work well under pressure. Up to a certain extent. Its one of those days again. I have been doing quite a bit of office work for my mother since I came back. From the time I wake up around 9am till I go to bed by 2am, I'm doing office work. I do it because I honestly don't mind doing it. But a sign of appreciation would be nice. Obviously I don't get paid because no one here sees me as anyone who contributes anything to the company. My studies were on medical research. Not business. I'm not qualified at all to be involved in a business. But I still do things because its family and I want to help in any way I can.
My stepfather is a useless piece of shit. He literally sleeps the entire day and doesn't do anything. He doesn't help out with anything either. He speaks a different dialect and I have such a hard time understanding what he says. I normally try to avoid him because I don't want to say something and create a huge scene. 
A typical day for…


I attended Kyle's graduation last month. It was a whole new experience because I haven't attended any of my graduations. I graduated in absentia. Kyle's parents/siblings didn't attend the ceremony although they wanted to. I don't see the point in attending someone's graduation if you didn't support them prior to that. Anyway, its just very complicated and messy. 
The ceremony was way too long. And people were so rude. The session was for postgrads and almost 40% of the graduating students were PhD. So this person sitting behind me went on a tirade on how the PhD is not genuine because there were so many people. When you say that, aren't you indirectly saying that your kid's qualification isn't genuine as well? Rude!
I'm looking forward to see Kyle later this month. I'm hoping that its somewhere around mid-May. Yaaas!


I want to go for a proper holiday. Not a sightseeing type of holiday. But more of a relaxing and do nothing kind of holiday. After I completed my first degree, I took a 2 month break when everyone else joined the following research degree without a break. But those 2 months didn't end up being a break for me because I had to move from JB to KL at the very last minute. That was at the end of 2016. After I completed my second degree last year, I moved again. And ever since I came home, I haven't really been able to have any time to myself. I've been helping my mother with her business doing mostly paperwork. There's just way too much unnecessary paperwork in the office.
A couple of days ago, a potential client asked for our services. And they'd like to meet. But its far from home so we're planning to make it a 2 day trip. I'm really looking forward to it. Not the work aspect though.
Other than that, I've been learning to use Adobe Illustrator over the pa…


On one of my recent flights from AirAsia, I purchased a set of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask through their duty free. It came in a pack of 4 full sized tubs for slightly over RM 200. And thats actually quite a bit cheaper than buying it at a store for the full RM 75 per tub individually. I've read about it for a while now and thought it was rather gimmicky until I tried it. Its literally the best thing ever. 

So if you're not familiar with it, its basically a lip mask (hence the name) that you apply before going to bed and then rinse off in the morning. It helps to moisturize and exfoliate the lips. And I personally like how it makes my lips feel in the morning. Not a huge fan of the greasy texture though. But it gets the job done.
I do believe its available anywhere. But the cheapest I've seen for an individual 20g tub is KLIA2 duty free other than AirAsia. Hermo and Althea are online options and they do have sales often.
And no, I'm not sponsored to write this. I ju…

888: Five years

Kyle and I have been together for 5 years and 2 months now. And I've honestly realized that he's the one for me. We're not perfect. But we complement each other. After living together for so long, we've had to maintain a long distance relationship due to unseen circumstances. Obviously its not easy to get used to. I used to get so irritated because he snores loudly. And I miss that now. I'd rather he be here and snore when he sleeps. Not that its good health wise. But you get the point. 
We're both still unemployed. I literally have 3 degrees. Kyle has a PhD. I've applied for a Masters programme and got an offer few months ago. They were impressed with my application but clearly not impressed enough to offer me a scholarship. Jokes aside, I accept it. I'm hoping that this is the right decision for me to take. And I do hope that once I complete my Masters, Kyle and I can settle down at the same place again.
So, a former classmate of mine has been really …