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I have absolutely horrible neighbours. The guy who lives in the unit to my right is weird. When he goes to throw his garbage, which is directly opposite my unit, he makes SO.MUCH.NOISE. He literally takes whatever he needs to throw one by one. From his unit to the garbage room, there are 4 doors. And he slams all 4 doors each way. 
Then there's the unit opposite his unit which is sort of opposite mine as well. All of our units are 1 room units with around 500+ sq ft. I have no idea how many people live there because its so noisy. The people who live their work for a local airline. They smoke outside in the corridor and have parties that go on till 3-4am. The most annoying part is, there's a couple that's rather violent and argues so loud in their apartment that we can hear it inside our unit with the doors closed. They always argue around 5:30am atleast once a week. Earlier this year Kyle confronted her regarding the noise and her response was that she's creating the …


I think I have really bad luck when it comes to aircons. My car aircon stopped working a couple of days ago. The first thing I thought of was the service centre didn't check it properly because I've been asking them to check it for over an year. It has this occasional burning plastic smell. So Kyle made an appointment to get it fixed and we went there. We waited for nearly three hours at the service centre and we had to go and ask them for an update. Their response was that they don't have the parts. And then they admitted that the parts that they needed were part of a nationwide recall. And they had the parts but couldn't give it to us unless we paid. Obviously we were quite irritated. I've known that there was a recall but I've been waiting for the text because they normally text when there's a slot available. The most ridiculous thing that this service centre told us was that if we were willing to pay for it they would change the parts on the spot. But …