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I had a dream last night. I guess its incorrect to call it a dream if its not something you want. I dreamt that I finally got a job in one of the hospitals that I've been to. As a cleaner. Few years from now I'll probably laugh at it. But right now its scary and makes me feel even worse. I still do not have a job. And I don't even want to talk about it with anyone because no one understands this feeling. I don't need people to tell me that I will find a job eventually or that its going to be okay or why don't you try again. What I need is for someone to listen to what I have to say and just be there.
The other day, I went to get my glasses done. I knew that my power had changed because I was having so much trouble reading the sign boards at the airport. So I got it done and it had some problem the first time. They fixed it and I collected it a few days ago. It seemed fine when I was there. But now it seems like its around the same as my previous glasses because it…