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I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be for the past couple of days. I bought a fountain pen for Kyle's graduation gift and honestly it has been such a nightmare. The shop engraved the name incorrectly on the pen so I had to get it done again. And because the shop is a bit far from my place I  requested to pick it up at their second outlet thinking that it is nearer. But turns out its even further. Anyway, I went to pick it up and they told me its not ready and they called me to tell me. I didn't get any calls from anyone. Quite disappointed with the customer service. To start off, the pen wasn't cheap at all. And this was a shop with a good reputation. I hate it when shops give the "you want you buy la. don't want then leave" attitude. With them trying to shift all the blame on me, they've agreed to courier the pen to my place for free. I just hope that it doesn't have any damages or anything wrong with the engraving. Even if it does, I&#…


I've been extremely busy with deadlines I haven't even had time to sleep properly. Been spending the last week settling all the stuff I put on hold because of uni deadlines and I'm still not done yet. 
When I moved to KL earlier in January, I sold off my fridge and washing machine to the landlord in JB since he wanted to buy it. We mutually agreed that he will bank in the amount by the end of March. I reminded him about it at the end of March and he told me that he will bank in at the end of April. He didn't do that either. So I asked him again last week and he told me he will pay me back at the end of May. I mean, its just RM 750. How hard is it to pay back RM 750? And mind you, this is someone who claims to live in a bungalow and work as a manager at a local bank. So I told him that he should have honestly told me that if he wasn't able to afford the fridge and washing machine. Obviously that hurt his ego too much and he immediately transferred RM 750 to my acco…