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I'm going to apologise in advance if this post offends anyone.
Why are men of certain ethnic groups/religious beliefs so insecure when it comes to their wife? Imagine a situation where a male doctor has to examine someone's wife in the presence of her husband and a female chaperone and its still not okay. I can't understand this nonsense. I was just told today that "patients in Kuala Lumpur are not like the ones in Johor Bahru. Here, they're more educated, more open minded and will not let any male doctor touch their wife to examine them." So tell me the part where patients in Kuala Lumpur are more educated and open minded if they can't even let a male doctor examine them in the presence of a chaperone. It's no longer religious freedom when it affects everyone's job at a public hospital.

Or maybe their insecurity stems from watching too much doctor/patient porn.


One of the things that irritates me about some people is the attitude towards mental illnesses. On one end of the spectrum, some people don't even believe that its real. Others self diagnose themselves with depression every other minute. The other day someone told me that they have Major Depressive Disorder while speeding through traffic in downtown KL. I always believe what people say about their conditions unless I have a reason not to. So I probed further and asked if he's getting any professional help and his answer was no. I can't even. I just wish people would stop taking mental illness lightly.


I've had a couple of posts in my drafts for a while now. Sometimes I tend to overthink about what I should post. But at the end of the day I doubt it really matters.
I had a meeting the other regarding a group assignment. I booked a room and checked that everyone was free and all of them agreed. One of them didn't turn up and all the others were late ranging from 10 mins to 30 mins. I was so irritated. On top of that, there was one guy who kept going on and on about how he has so many job offers from UK instead of discussing the assignment. I just hope that everyone comes for the next meeting so that we can get over with this.

This is an overlapped timelapse of star trails I took during the last few days in JB
Kyle and I are planning to go somewhere without light pollution soon for some star photography and I'm so excited. I haven't really uploaded any of the photos to Instagram from our trips either.


I hate it when my sleep cycle gets messed up. Kyle chose to take the earliest flight to go to JB today. So we were up by 5am. And I slept at 3am. After dropping him off at the airport I came back home and tried to get some work done but I was too sleepy. I fell asleep around 9am I think. And woke up at 5pm. Kill me. I can never take naps. So there goes any chance of me being able to sleep tonight. 
We went to a lawyer's office to get some of my documents certified the other day. Oh my. The lawyer was hot! Haha. Like the hot daddy type. I miss having people around me that I can talk about with things like these.
I had a meeting at the hospital the other day about the ethics application. I got the call about it at 12pm and we were supposed to be there by 2pm. I'm not very familiar with the hospital and I'm terrible with directions. So I decided to take GrabCar instead of driving there. The first driver called me and asked me to cancel because he was "on the opposite si…