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The topic of Kyle and I getting married came up again the other day. We've had this discussion few years back as well. For some reason, everything has happened so fast in our relationship. Kyle moved in with me 3 months or so after we started dating. And we've been living together since then. At this point, I don't see what difference it makes whether we're married or not. Because we live together, share all the expenses and talk to each other about major decisions. But something Kyle said the other day got me thinking. He said that he is not ready to get married right now. And I'm okay with that. But honestly, what difference does a title make at this point? Am I missing something?


I've been renting places for quite some time now. And I don't believe that there's such a thing as a perfect apartment to rent. But the current place I'm staying seems to be the worst one so far. This building is quite new, so there are a lot of units vacant and as it is. Tolerating construction noises everyday seems like a better option right now. Because they'll definitely be done with whatever they're doing at some point right. I couldn't be more wrong. I have neighbours from hell staying directly above me and opposite me. The people upstairs are either morbidly obese or giants. Each step they take is so loud and distracting. The people opposite me have visitors from hell at odd hours and like to argue at the doorstep at 5am. That's not all. The garbage room is directly opposite my unit as well. So there's all sorts of insects crawling in here. 
Don't even get me started on the traffic here. Its so bad. The only reason I chose this place was…


I've been staying up late again and it has messed up my sleep cycle. If I was doing something productive that might be a good thing. I've mostly been doing work for my mum's company, which Kyle doesn't appreciate at all. It's a difficult place to be in honestly. My mum doesn't take my advice and I still keep on helping her with this, which irritates Kyle because he thinks I have better things to do right now. Which is true as well. I need to find the right balance with things. 
Few days ago Kyle mentioned that we should travel somewhere soon. It came as a shock to me because normally I'm the one who initiates travel plans and has to do all the persuasion that we should visit certain places. I'm definitely up for the trip but I have no idea where we should go. We've covered most places in peninsular Malaysia. So travelling locally isn't really an option for this trip. We haven't been to Langkawi yet, but I think Langkawi is overrated anyway.…


The past couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. I'm extremely honest when it comes to expressing how I feel. And quite a lot of times people don't like what I have to say. So I said something on the family group chat and some people were so offended that the group chat has been deleted. I thought that was the end of it because whatever I said was the truth and everyone knows it. Just because you don't want to accept it doesn't mean I can't say it. Needless to say I had several messages and phone calls and everything turned pretty nasty. I mean, I said what I had to say and left it at that. All the others couldn't stop talking about it and kept messaging me about how angry they were. I'm sorry that I can't be fake like the rest of them. 
I finalised all the paperwork for my graduation application changing my status to not attending. I mean, I know that I couldn't have completed my course without the help of a lot of people and I'm gra…