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I have absolutely horrible neighbours. The guy who lives in the unit to my right is weird. When he goes to throw his garbage, which is directly opposite my unit, he makes SO.MUCH.NOISE. He literally takes whatever he needs to throw one by one. From his unit to the garbage room, there are 4 doors. And he slams all 4 doors each way. 
Then there's the unit opposite his unit which is sort of opposite mine as well. All of our units are 1 room units with around 500+ sq ft. I have no idea how many people live there because its so noisy. The people who live their work for a local airline. They smoke outside in the corridor and have parties that go on till 3-4am. The most annoying part is, there's a couple that's rather violent and argues so loud in their apartment that we can hear it inside our unit with the doors closed. They always argue around 5:30am atleast once a week. Earlier this year Kyle confronted her regarding the noise and her response was that she's creating the …


I think I have really bad luck when it comes to aircons. My car aircon stopped working a couple of days ago. The first thing I thought of was the service centre didn't check it properly because I've been asking them to check it for over an year. It has this occasional burning plastic smell. So Kyle made an appointment to get it fixed and we went there. We waited for nearly three hours at the service centre and we had to go and ask them for an update. Their response was that they don't have the parts. And then they admitted that the parts that they needed were part of a nationwide recall. And they had the parts but couldn't give it to us unless we paid. Obviously we were quite irritated. I've known that there was a recall but I've been waiting for the text because they normally text when there's a slot available. The most ridiculous thing that this service centre told us was that if we were willing to pay for it they would change the parts on the spot. But …


I had a dream last night. I guess its incorrect to call it a dream if its not something you want. I dreamt that I finally got a job in one of the hospitals that I've been to. As a cleaner. Few years from now I'll probably laugh at it. But right now its scary and makes me feel even worse. I still do not have a job. And I don't even want to talk about it with anyone because no one understands this feeling. I don't need people to tell me that I will find a job eventually or that its going to be okay or why don't you try again. What I need is for someone to listen to what I have to say and just be there.
The other day, I went to get my glasses done. I knew that my power had changed because I was having so much trouble reading the sign boards at the airport. So I got it done and it had some problem the first time. They fixed it and I collected it a few days ago. It seemed fine when I was there. But now it seems like its around the same as my previous glasses because it…


A lack of deadlines has made me extremely unmotivated. Lazy, to be honest. On top of that, my mother is coming by next week, so that's not going to be fun either. We haven't been agreeing about a lot of things lately and I'm quite stressed out about it. On top of that, she keeps asking me about whether I plan to get married. People have been telling me that my mother probably knows that Kyle and I are together. But I'm starting to doubt that. And her faith in God is so strong that its unbearable at times. So yeah, not looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Kyle's irritating habits aren't helping with things either. I just can't stand him sometimes and honestly I feel like driving off somewhere far and being alone for a few days.


I've been traveling back and forth between JB/KL with Kyle over the past couple of weeks because he has stuff to do and I'm relatively free. Its exhausting and expensive to keep making these trips. Can't wait till he's actually done completely and moves to KL.
We made travel plans for November. Initially I was putting it off because ticket prices seemed really expensive and I didn't want to fly with Malaysia Airlines after all the drama I had with them last year. We came across a promo from Singapore Airlines that was so much cheaper and we decided to go with that. I'm quite excited for the trip. But its going to be so hectic because I need to fly back home to help my mum with something right before our trip. 
I have very little patience for rude businesses. I don't care how cheap/expensive or how good your product is. If you're rude to me I won't be returning. Seriously, how are people okay with rude customer service?


I haven't been as productive as I wanted to be for the past couple of days. I bought a fountain pen for Kyle's graduation gift and honestly it has been such a nightmare. The shop engraved the name incorrectly on the pen so I had to get it done again. And because the shop is a bit far from my place I  requested to pick it up at their second outlet thinking that it is nearer. But turns out its even further. Anyway, I went to pick it up and they told me its not ready and they called me to tell me. I didn't get any calls from anyone. Quite disappointed with the customer service. To start off, the pen wasn't cheap at all. And this was a shop with a good reputation. I hate it when shops give the "you want you buy la. don't want then leave" attitude. With them trying to shift all the blame on me, they've agreed to courier the pen to my place for free. I just hope that it doesn't have any damages or anything wrong with the engraving. Even if it does, I&#…


I've been extremely busy with deadlines I haven't even had time to sleep properly. Been spending the last week settling all the stuff I put on hold because of uni deadlines and I'm still not done yet. 
When I moved to KL earlier in January, I sold off my fridge and washing machine to the landlord in JB since he wanted to buy it. We mutually agreed that he will bank in the amount by the end of March. I reminded him about it at the end of March and he told me that he will bank in at the end of April. He didn't do that either. So I asked him again last week and he told me he will pay me back at the end of May. I mean, its just RM 750. How hard is it to pay back RM 750? And mind you, this is someone who claims to live in a bungalow and work as a manager at a local bank. So I told him that he should have honestly told me that if he wasn't able to afford the fridge and washing machine. Obviously that hurt his ego too much and he immediately transferred RM 750 to my acco…


I'm going to apologise in advance if this post offends anyone.
Why are men of certain ethnic groups/religious beliefs so insecure when it comes to their wife? Imagine a situation where a male doctor has to examine someone's wife in the presence of her husband and a female chaperone and its still not okay. I can't understand this nonsense. I was just told today that "patients in Kuala Lumpur are not like the ones in Johor Bahru. Here, they're more educated, more open minded and will not let any male doctor touch their wife to examine them." So tell me the part where patients in Kuala Lumpur are more educated and open minded if they can't even let a male doctor examine them in the presence of a chaperone. It's no longer religious freedom when it affects everyone's job at a public hospital.

Or maybe their insecurity stems from watching too much doctor/patient porn.


One of the things that irritates me about some people is the attitude towards mental illnesses. On one end of the spectrum, some people don't even believe that its real. Others self diagnose themselves with depression every other minute. The other day someone told me that they have Major Depressive Disorder while speeding through traffic in downtown KL. I always believe what people say about their conditions unless I have a reason not to. So I probed further and asked if he's getting any professional help and his answer was no. I can't even. I just wish people would stop taking mental illness lightly.


I've had a couple of posts in my drafts for a while now. Sometimes I tend to overthink about what I should post. But at the end of the day I doubt it really matters.
I had a meeting the other regarding a group assignment. I booked a room and checked that everyone was free and all of them agreed. One of them didn't turn up and all the others were late ranging from 10 mins to 30 mins. I was so irritated. On top of that, there was one guy who kept going on and on about how he has so many job offers from UK instead of discussing the assignment. I just hope that everyone comes for the next meeting so that we can get over with this.

This is an overlapped timelapse of star trails I took during the last few days in JB
Kyle and I are planning to go somewhere without light pollution soon for some star photography and I'm so excited. I haven't really uploaded any of the photos to Instagram from our trips either.


I hate it when my sleep cycle gets messed up. Kyle chose to take the earliest flight to go to JB today. So we were up by 5am. And I slept at 3am. After dropping him off at the airport I came back home and tried to get some work done but I was too sleepy. I fell asleep around 9am I think. And woke up at 5pm. Kill me. I can never take naps. So there goes any chance of me being able to sleep tonight. 
We went to a lawyer's office to get some of my documents certified the other day. Oh my. The lawyer was hot! Haha. Like the hot daddy type. I miss having people around me that I can talk about with things like these.
I had a meeting at the hospital the other day about the ethics application. I got the call about it at 12pm and we were supposed to be there by 2pm. I'm not very familiar with the hospital and I'm terrible with directions. So I decided to take GrabCar instead of driving there. The first driver called me and asked me to cancel because he was "on the opposite si…


The topic of Kyle and I getting married came up again the other day. We've had this discussion few years back as well. For some reason, everything has happened so fast in our relationship. Kyle moved in with me 3 months or so after we started dating. And we've been living together since then. At this point, I don't see what difference it makes whether we're married or not. Because we live together, share all the expenses and talk to each other about major decisions. But something Kyle said the other day got me thinking. He said that he is not ready to get married right now. And I'm okay with that. But honestly, what difference does a title make at this point? Am I missing something?


I've been renting places for quite some time now. And I don't believe that there's such a thing as a perfect apartment to rent. But the current place I'm staying seems to be the worst one so far. This building is quite new, so there are a lot of units vacant and as it is. Tolerating construction noises everyday seems like a better option right now. Because they'll definitely be done with whatever they're doing at some point right. I couldn't be more wrong. I have neighbours from hell staying directly above me and opposite me. The people upstairs are either morbidly obese or giants. Each step they take is so loud and distracting. The people opposite me have visitors from hell at odd hours and like to argue at the doorstep at 5am. That's not all. The garbage room is directly opposite my unit as well. So there's all sorts of insects crawling in here. 
Don't even get me started on the traffic here. Its so bad. The only reason I chose this place was…


I've been staying up late again and it has messed up my sleep cycle. If I was doing something productive that might be a good thing. I've mostly been doing work for my mum's company, which Kyle doesn't appreciate at all. It's a difficult place to be in honestly. My mum doesn't take my advice and I still keep on helping her with this, which irritates Kyle because he thinks I have better things to do right now. Which is true as well. I need to find the right balance with things. 
Few days ago Kyle mentioned that we should travel somewhere soon. It came as a shock to me because normally I'm the one who initiates travel plans and has to do all the persuasion that we should visit certain places. I'm definitely up for the trip but I have no idea where we should go. We've covered most places in peninsular Malaysia. So travelling locally isn't really an option for this trip. We haven't been to Langkawi yet, but I think Langkawi is overrated anyway.…


The past couple of weeks have been crazy to say the least. I'm extremely honest when it comes to expressing how I feel. And quite a lot of times people don't like what I have to say. So I said something on the family group chat and some people were so offended that the group chat has been deleted. I thought that was the end of it because whatever I said was the truth and everyone knows it. Just because you don't want to accept it doesn't mean I can't say it. Needless to say I had several messages and phone calls and everything turned pretty nasty. I mean, I said what I had to say and left it at that. All the others couldn't stop talking about it and kept messaging me about how angry they were. I'm sorry that I can't be fake like the rest of them. 
I finalised all the paperwork for my graduation application changing my status to not attending. I mean, I know that I couldn't have completed my course without the help of a lot of people and I'm gra…


I've been helping out with my mum's work for the past couple of months. And now that I'm more free I've taken up more work. I'm mostly dealing with online stuff like responding to emails and organising things. But we had to hire a new staff so I'm in the process of getting everyone's applications. Dear God. People never read when they apply for jobs. If it were up to me I'll reject all the applicants because from the application alone I can see they're so incompetent. I can't even. Anyway, there are a handful of okay-ish applicants and I'm prepping the questions/tasks for the interview. Its a completely different experience to be on the other end of all of this. I'm actually enjoying this although its not my area of expertise. I just hope that we can hire someone who is a bit passionate about the job. 
I'm still thinking whether I should attend my graduation ceremony. I honestly don't feel like going because believe it or not, I…


I've finally moved to KL and this place is a mess. Mostly because I haven't unpacked my stuff yet. I think one of the things I'm going to miss the most about JB is listening to 987 FM (SG radio station) on the way to the hospital and back everyday. 
A classmate of mine messaged me a few days ago. I wasn't expecting that at all because we haven't talked for five years. There has always been this awkwardness between us ever since the first time we talked. We met during the first week in uni and I was locked out of my room so he invited me to his place which was next door. And we spent almost 2 hours talking until my housemate realised that I was missing and came looking for me. I never knew what happened and we never talked after that. 
I've had this suspicion for a while now. A relative of mine knows that I'm gay because he's gay as well. He came over the other day with pizza and started his usual train of questions about Kyle. He knows we're togeth…


I have so many stuff that I've wanted to post here but honestly haven't had the time to sit down and type it. Hopefully I'll have more time in the next couple of days. So a lot of things have changed over the last month or so. I'm actually in the midst of moving to KL. This was a plan B that was originally my plan C. But shit happens. So yeah.
It hasn't been a smooth start for 2017. And I doubt its going to get any easier from this point onwards. But you never know what's going to happen next.