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So much has happened since I last posted here. I came back to Johor Bahru at the end of October, went home for a week during mid November and I'm now in KL. I haven't really had the chance to unpack anything properly. It has mostly been shifting around my stuff from one luggage to the other and maximising useable luggage space. My parents are coming over to KL in a couple of days and my biggest concern as always is how to squeeze in the luggage in the car boot.
Kyle planned a "surprise" birthday celebration for me. But I knew most of the stuff because he kept stuff lying around the house. And its hard to keep secrets from me anyway. But I love surprises. So that's there.

I loved the cake! It was really beautifully done and looked adorable. Kyle got me the 200mL Boy Chanel from the Les Exclusifs collection and it's the most expensive fragrance that I've ever had. I'm so worried I'll drop it one day! Lets just hope I don't. 'Quidditch Throug…