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I have been so lazy lately. I started writing a blog post few days back and didn't know how to continue it. I need to get my laundry done tomorrow so that I can finally start packing. I'm excited to go back. But at the same time, I do hope this isn't my last time here. Because that's what I have been telling myself. That's what I have been telling everyone who asks me to visit random places here. And I'm like, I'm going to move to Australia and I have the rest of my life for that. But I still do not have a job and honestly that is scary. I've been trying to convince myself that if I can't get a job here as a doctor, I'm going to go in to research. But every time I step inside the hospital I'm reminded of why I chose this path and I don't think I can be fully committed and happy with just a research job. I know it sounds like a "first world problem", which is why I haven't really been able to talk to anyone about this openl…


I have 12 more working days before I can go back. Getting excited!
I haven't really been doing much lately except watching youtube and reading random stuff on the internet. I should be focusing more on finishing up my literature review and doing the powerpoint slides for my final presentation. But I just don't have the motivation to do anything.
It was 35°C this afternoon. All my clothes were dry in less than 30 minutes.
I should probably get my stuff ready for tomorrow morning. I'm so tempted to just wear normal clothes and go in because as soon as I reach the operating theatre I need to get changed into scrubs anyway and its such a waste of my formal clothes. >_>


I was looking at my phone a while ago and saw this. It was like a beam of light shining through the darkness.
I did my laundry during lunch today. It was so hot outside all my clothes dried in an hour. I'm so amazed because in Johor Bahru I don't have space to hang my clothes outside to dry. So I'm not used to getting my clothes washed and dried in such a short period of time. But I'm not a fan on the smell the clothes have after they've been sun-dried. And I can't imagine the damage it does to some coloured fabrics as well. 
I hate insects. And lizards. There are so many dead bees in the toilet I can't even. How did they even get in? The windows in the toilet are closed all the time. And this weekend is my turn to clean the toilet. Ugh. 
I'm so tired and sleepy right now. I haven't been able to sleep properly for two weeks now. I have such a hard time falling asleep and when I do fall asleep, I keep waking up every now and then. I'm pretty sur…

863: t-23

I was talking to Kyle on the phone the other day and we agreed on going on another road trip at the end of this year. During December 2014 and January 2015 we went on a road trip in Malaysia along the west coast. Our itinerary was like this.

Johor Bahru --> Kuala Lumpur --> Melaka --> Ipoh --> Kangar --> Georgetown --> Putrajaya --> Cameron Highlands --> Johor Bahru --> Singapore --> Kuala Lumpur --> Johor Bahru
It took us 25 days to complete the trip. Mainly because my parents joined us at Putrajaya onwards for the rest of the trip. To be honest, the reason we planned the first road trip was because we wanted to go somewhere during the holidays but it was a bit too expensive to go overseas. And I'm glad we made that decision because I had a lot of fun on that entire trip except the times when my parents were being very difficult >_>
Its such a coincidence that my car servicing falls on November/December and I don't have to worry about g…