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Last week was pretty eventful. On Friday night, Kyle and I met up with a blogger who was visiting Melbourne for a few days. The world works in weird ways. I used to talk to him on Windows Live Messenger back then and then we lost touch and he started blogging and moved to Australia. I'm so glad we finally met up. We had coffee at this place at The Emporium and then went to the Docklands to see the fireworks. It was the last night for the fireworks so the place was pretty packed. 

After the fireworks, we had dinner at this Vietnamese place nearby mainly because that's the only place I know around there.

On Saturday, Kyle and I went to the botanic gardens and walked around. It was meh. I still prefer the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

From there, we walked to the Shrine of Remembrance. Pretty interesting stuff there.

We passed by the National Gallery of Victoria on the way into the city and went inside for a bit.


We purposely made a detour because I wanted to see …


I have been relatively busy this weekend. On Saturday I went to Melbourne airport to pick up Kyle. It was so cold in the morning. As usual, I reached the bus stop way too early and had to wait there for 20 minutes. It was 2°C. I don't know how others do it here honestly. But getting to and from Melbourne airport isn't convenient at all. Yeah, they do have a dedicated bus service. But that departs from the city. I'm staying quite far from the city. So I took a bus that took me 3 hours to reach the airport. Anyway, we took a taxi back and it cost us $130. What even.

This is my newest obsession. If only it came without the added sugar. I don't like my drinks too sweet.


I've been going to the post office quite often lately to collect the stuff I bought online. So anyway, the guy at the post office counter recognises me and I don't even have to show any ID anymore. Which is sort of a good thing. I'm having a hard time reading his body language. He seems friendly and nice but at the same time he seems to be judging me. Like even if the queue was super long if he sees me he'll yell out my name and wave but at the same time he gives off a very uncomfortable vibe. Hmm.
One of the things I bought online are shoes. Shoes are literally the only things that I normally dare to buy online because I'm so afraid that if I buy shirts/pants they won't fit nicely. But turns out that the shoe is so much smaller and it doesn't fit me. It's like Drizella wearing the glass slippers. They have free returns but its annoying because I wanted to wear it to the hospital this week itself. The shoe label says US10, which is my shoe size. Mostly…


Talk about a horrible week. So many things have happened yesterday. I got a call from the bank about some fraudulent transactions. I have no idea how that happened. But whoever did it has used up all the money in my account. The only place I've used it in a store is at the supermarket and I always use the PayPass/PayWave feature. I never insert the card. But I have used my card to buy stuff online so that could have been it. Sigh. I'm so annoyed about this. At least the bank told me that they will refund the money. So that's good.

BubbleGum (L) & JellyBean (R)
Kyle called me last night to tell me that a motorcycle hit his car (JelllyBean). I swear to God, Johor Bahru is the worst place to drive. No one knows how to drive properly. We have been in 4 accidents with that car ever since I moved there. The first one was when I was driving out from a petrol station and the car behind me crashed into my car. The second one was when another car crashed into the car from behind …


This week seems to be going by pretty slowly for me. I'm trying to not get lost in the new hospital. I find it so weird that the ground floor is labelled as level 2 here. The registrar is pretty nice. He is very willing to teach but the team dynamics aren't as good as they were in the previous hospital. Mainly because they hate the consultant here. I try not to judge someone until I get to know them better. So far, the consultant seems pretty okay to me. Hmm but it's only been two days. 
It's a 20 minute walk from my place to the hospital so I'm still trying to figure out what is the critical time for me to wake up in order to get ready and have breakfast before going. Other than that, I'm pretty excited to have the stuff I ordered online be delivered some time soon. I chose the parcel collect service where I can go to the nominated post office to collect my stuff instead of delivering it home. One of the main reasons I did that was because I wasn't sure w…


I have finally moved! The hosts at this new place are amazing. They're an old-ish couple in their 50s I guess. The wife is from Philippines and the husband is caucasian Australian. I've been talking to the wife a lot because she's always around the kitchen area. She's extremely nice. A bit too nice if you ask me. She keeps forcing me to eat more. No thanks. I've lost 9kg since I came here and I'd like to continue it that way. Haha.

But I can't deny that this place is ridiculously expensive. So maybe that's the reason they're so nice. I'm going to make full use of my time here. And, the most amazing thing is, there's a church next door and that's a Pokéstop! I can collect stuff from the Pokéstop while being lazy in bed!


On Thursday night, I received a text from the AirBnB host saying that she's going to cancel my booking because she's having a "family emergency". I was supposed to move in on Saturday (today). So I stayed up and found another place that was nearer to the next hospital that I'll be going to. Like it's walking distance so I won't be wasting my money on the bus. But the price is still not justified. Its so much more expensive. I didn't have a choice so I booked the place. AirBnB was supposed to refund my previous booking to offset the new booking and I top up the remaining amount. But they were so incompetent. They couldn't get it done and I didn't have enough cash in my account to pay. The past few days have been so tiring. I ended up withdrawing cash using my Maybank card to pay. I just hope the new hosts are nice. They better be nice. I'm paying so much to stay there.


One thing I really can't stand is openly racist people. I believe that everyone is racist to a certain extent. But keep that at home and don't bring that negativity to work. During my first week here one of the university staff mistook me for someone else and she justified that by saying "oh all you people from Malaysia look the same". A simple apology would have been sufficient to be honest. She didn't have to say that. I found it quite offensive. So I responded to that by saying "yeah, I've been having the same problem since I came to Melbourne, everyone here looks the same." The reason I suddenly remembered this was because Kyle called me earlier today and told me about something that happened in his uni. He's studying at a public uni and he is an ethnic minority. Do I even need to elaborate on the shit that goes on there. Honestly, I can't wait for him to graduate and leave that place for good.
Moving on to more depressing things, I for…


Kyle and I have been pretty suspicious about the owner of the house that I'm staying at. He says that he's from China and been here for only a couple of months. But his job which he told us about doesn't explain a lot of other stuff. I actually found this place through AirBnb and it really was a good deal because I'm staying directly opposite the hospital. So anyway, when I came back home this afternoon, no one was at home. And this music sheet on top of the piano caught my eye. I took piano lessons when I was younger so I was curious what song it was. As I was going through the sheets, which I probably shouldn't have, I saw some other documents. Some bank papers for a house loan in the CBD, CVs for job applications under multiple names and some sort of income tax sheets with annual earnings exceeding 4 million AUD. And the most intriguing part was that there were two CVs with two different names. Both had the same surname as a book author. Something fishy is defin…


The effects of walking all over the city is finally kicking in. I was so tired when I woke up this morning. In the end, I didn't go to the hospital. I do feel guilty about it. But my assessment has been signed off and there's nothing much to do anyway. In a way, I still miss the hospital in Malaysia. Although no one was particularly nice, they made an effort to teach us. Here in Australia, everyone is really nice. But there's not much teaching going on. Instead, you learn the day-to-day paper work stuff which is useful but that's not what I'm looking for. I have 13 weeks and 4 days of official "classes" before my course ends. Can I even call it classes? I spend most of my time in the wards everyday. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. I keep asking myself, am I really ready to graduate as a doctor?