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I'm so tired right now I don't even know where to begin. Despite it being the weekend, I woke up super early and took an Uber to the mall nearby here to get my laptop checked. There were so many people at the store. So the guy checked my laptop and told me that there's nothing wrong. Hmm. Maybe my housemates did something to the internet? Anyway, so instead of taking an Uber back home, I tried a new bus and train combination to get back home and reached earlier than expected. I was supposed to go out with a classmate. I regret that now. He was so useless with directions and everything. I can't even. We walked so much today. But looking back at it, I'm proud of myself. I covered 20k steps in one day!

Since my laptop wifi still doesn't seem to be working and because I've run out of data from my mobile, this is the setup I have done so that I can FaceTime while still doing my work. The colours in this photo looks so horrible because I tried to adjust it. The …


I've been contemplating about changing my blog title for some time now. The main reason that this blog is titled as Page 17 is because of all the shit that happened when I was 17. But mainly because of my breakup with Luke. But it has been such a long time since then and maybe I need a fresh start. It's not like I'm holding on to that or don't have closure. If I were to really put things into perspective, so many things have happened since then. I have been with other people and back with him and then he passed away and now I'm with Kyle. Hmm. I'm still not sure. Page 17 has a nice ring to it and there's a story behind the name. So its not too bad either I guess.


I can't believe that I have been here for over a month now. I'll be moving to a different place in 9 days. And I'm honestly terrified. Because there's a dog at the house that I'm moving to. I'm really afraid of dogs/cats. Ugh. I regret booking that place even though it seemed like a good choice back then. People have been telling me that the next hospital I'm going to is in a dodgy area and that I should really be careful. That's not helping either. Obviously I get very stressed about unnecessary things like this. Hopefully everything turns out well.
Looking on the bright side, I'm glad to be moving out from the place I'm currently staying at. My housemates cook a lot and they never switch on the fume hood or open the windows. So the smell wafts through to my room even if I keep my room door shut. Its extremely annoying. Last night, they had steamboat and they left all the leftover food all over the kitchen and dining table uncovered. I went do…


So the other day we had a workshop off campus. After the workshop, we were walking towards the train station and I was behind everyone else when suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me towards one side. Initially I thought it was one of them pulling me because there was a car or something. But this was a pedestrian only zone and there were no vehicles around. So I turned to look at whoever was grabbing my arm and its this middle aged lady and she was like "can you give me some money". Ugh. Why does this always happen to me?! Few years ago the exact same thing happened when I was at an ATM in KL. 

 Look at this Vodafone ad!
I actually don't have much happening right now. This week has been pretty boring other than that encounter with the crazy lady. I'll be moving to a new place at the end of next week. I'm not really looking forward to it although I can't stand the people in this house.


I spent almost the entire day on FaceTime with Kyle. There's something terribly wrong with my laptop wifi so I used my phone as a hotspot (which was connected to wifi). Every time I looked at my phone, it showed that I was connected to wifi. But this morning I got a text from Vodafone saying that I have used more than 50% of my monthly data quota. I have 3 more weeks left before the quota renews again. And I have just found out that it's not possible to create a hotspot like that. Anyway, I've made an appointment at the Apple Store to get it checked. God I hope I don't have to get anything fixed because I procrastinated on buying AppleCare and now its too late. Kill me now.

I was actually supposed to go out with a classmate of mine yesterday. But he was being such a little bitch I decided to not go. He wanted to go to the city and see a few places. So I told him I don't mind that, but we should decide to cover one area rather than walk all over the place. On the w…


Two weeks ago, Kyle and I rented a car and went on a short road trip during the weekend. We rented the car at a promo but ended up paying more because we picked it up at the airport ><

That really sums up our trip. We left Melbourne early morning on Saturday and came back Sunday night. Waiting impatiently for Kyle to come back for our trip to Sydney in September.


I normally don't ask people for help because I have never had any good experiences with doing that. But I do try to believe that some people can genuinely be good. Before I came to Melbourne, my mum told me that a family friend lives in Melbourne and that they are willing to pick me up from the airport and help me with stuff. One of the main reasons I was actually willing to take up on the offer was because I needed my working with children check done and it requires a postal address. But I'll be moving to a different place every few weeks. So getting the card in the mail would not have been convenient at all. I opted to use their address for that and my bank account as well. When Kyle and I arrived, I texted them using the airport wifi since I couldn't find them and asked where to wait. Honestly, this is my first time in Melbourne. But I'm not stupid and I can read directions well. So they asked us to stay inside the terminal at the arrival area. And that's where…


I'm about to graduate in a couple of months and the whole "girlfriend" question from the family seems to be just around the corner. My cousin has already told me that he overheard this. The thing I don't understand is how can my mother not know that I'm gay and Kyle is my boyfriend. She has visited our place multiple times and has seen our bedroom. We have a queen sized bed and it is so obvious that we sleep on the same bed. What type of roommates sleep on the same bed for more than 3 years??? I feel very uncomfortable with this entire situation. Because she actually likes Kyle. And that's the first time she has ever liked any of my friends or boyfriends. When I was in school, Luke used to come over to my place quite often and my mom would always make up some excuse and force me to make him leave. She can't possibly be okay with the fact that I'm gay because she's so homophobic. Sooner or later I'll definitely have to deal with this.


Making a fresh start is never easy. There's so much to do and so much to get used to. I always get very excited about moving to a new place until the day comes when I have to actually move and then I get cold feet. Same thing happened when I came to Melbourne from JB. I've been in Melbourne for almost a month now. And things seemed alright. Mainly because I wasn't alone. Kyle was with me so it was much easier to adjust. He went back to JB last night and the feeling of emptiness is sinking in.
Things haven't been all that smooth for us. We've been having lots of arguments and decided to separate earlier this year. But somehow we have worked it out. I think. I'm not sure how we did it either. But I'm glad that we did and I hope it remains like this.