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I feel like I should write this down before I forget.
A couple of weeks ago, Kyle and I planned to go to KL. He was at his hometown so I stopped by and picked him up and went. Obviously his mother wasn't happy about it. The plan was that after we were done in KL, we'll stay at his hometown in a hotel so that he can attend his friend's wedding. Initially I was okay with that. All I had to do was just stay at the hotel the entire day and mind my own business.
But once we went, I was not okay with it. His house was just 5 minutes from the hotel. We could have stayed at his place but he's so scared of his mother he didn't want to do that. In the end, I stayed at the hotel and he went off for the wedding. Obviously I couldn't go along since he's not out to his friends. The thing that really annoyed me was when he came back to the hotel drunk. He drove from the wedding to the hotel drunk. Do you not care about what happens if you get in to an accident? So, we ha…