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I haven't been in the mood to go to the hospital for the past few days. I think mainly because I was away for more than a week. And the Psychiatry ward isn't really a place I fancy going anyway.

The haze has been rather uncomfortable lately.

There's not much happening in my life lately. Can't wait for the exams to be over because Kyle and I have been planning a road trip.


I honestly can't believe that this is the 836th entry I'm writing. I tend to ramble a lot so that explains it. I started off on Wordpress, five years ago. And me being so paranoid, transferred 700+ posts back onto it and made it private. I was going through it a while ago and realised how much I miss blogging. I guess I just don't have enough free time to sit down and write about something.
So anyway, a couple of days ago a cousin of mine confessed to me that he's bisexual. Obviously I tried to be very supportive. But the thing is, I don't understand why he chose to confess to me. Because we aren't close at all. Sure, he messages me once or twice a week to ask me random stuff but we never talk about anything serious. So that got me thinking. Why tell me? Does he know about me? Hmm.
I came back from KL yesterday. Kyle and I had a huge fight so I came back home directly. We were supposed to stay at his hometown because of his friend's wedding. It's compl…