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Kyle and I have been having relationship problems lately. Not just lately. It has always been there. But it has never been this bad. 
When I was in primary school during one of the parent-teacher meetings, my class teacher told my parents that I lacked perseverance. I think I was 8 or 9 then. And honestly I didn't even know what it meant. But I looked it up and wanted to prove my teacher wrong. I don't think I lack perseverance now. Which is the reason that my relationship with Kyle has survived so far I think. 
His entire family doesn't like me at all. I don't know why. Maybe I do know. But I don't care.
A couple of weeks ago, Kyle's mum had a stroke and was taken to the hospital in her hometown. Kyle and I were in JB. So I offered to drive all the way there. I skipped a class. I drove above 160km/h and it still took us almost 2 hours to reach. But the thing is, even in that moment, no one appreciated the fact that we reached there. It was something more alon…