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I feel like I should write this down before I forget.
A couple of weeks ago, Kyle and I planned to go to KL. He was at his hometown so I stopped by and picked him up and went. Obviously his mother wasn't happy about it. The plan was that after we were done in KL, we'll stay at his hometown in a hotel so that he can attend his friend's wedding. Initially I was okay with that. All I had to do was just stay at the hotel the entire day and mind my own business.
But once we went, I was not okay with it. His house was just 5 minutes from the hotel. We could have stayed at his place but he's so scared of his mother he didn't want to do that. In the end, I stayed at the hotel and he went off for the wedding. Obviously I couldn't go along since he's not out to his friends. The thing that really annoyed me was when he came back to the hotel drunk. He drove from the wedding to the hotel drunk. Do you not care about what happens if you get in to an accident? So, we ha…


I haven't been in the mood to go to the hospital for the past few days. I think mainly because I was away for more than a week. And the Psychiatry ward isn't really a place I fancy going anyway.

The haze has been rather uncomfortable lately.

There's not much happening in my life lately. Can't wait for the exams to be over because Kyle and I have been planning a road trip.


I honestly can't believe that this is the 836th entry I'm writing. I tend to ramble a lot so that explains it. I started off on Wordpress, five years ago. And me being so paranoid, transferred 700+ posts back onto it and made it private. I was going through it a while ago and realised how much I miss blogging. I guess I just don't have enough free time to sit down and write about something.
So anyway, a couple of days ago a cousin of mine confessed to me that he's bisexual. Obviously I tried to be very supportive. But the thing is, I don't understand why he chose to confess to me. Because we aren't close at all. Sure, he messages me once or twice a week to ask me random stuff but we never talk about anything serious. So that got me thinking. Why tell me? Does he know about me? Hmm.
I came back from KL yesterday. Kyle and I had a huge fight so I came back home directly. We were supposed to stay at his hometown because of his friend's wedding. It's compl…


Kyle and I have been planning to go and see the sunrise at Desaru for quite some time now. Desaru is a beach area around the east coast of Johor and not too far from JB itself. We weren't able to wake up to go for the sunrise but decided to go anyway. We took the Senai-Desaru Expressway so the drive there was quite okay. I wanted to take photos of the bridge but we couldn't figure out where to stop. The bridge is actually visible if you take a flight from Changi to KL few minutes after take-off. Anyway, the beach was a disappointment. It's not well kept at all. They charge RM 4 when you drive in to the public beach area. There's so much potential there but oh well. We stayed at the beach for an hour or so and then Kyle told me that there's a museum nearby. So we went there and the museum is pretty decent actually. It's around a 10 minute drive away from Desaru beach. The entrance fee was RM 2 but the place was maintained really well. It was a fisherman museum.…


Kyle and I have been having relationship problems lately. Not just lately. It has always been there. But it has never been this bad. 
When I was in primary school during one of the parent-teacher meetings, my class teacher told my parents that I lacked perseverance. I think I was 8 or 9 then. And honestly I didn't even know what it meant. But I looked it up and wanted to prove my teacher wrong. I don't think I lack perseverance now. Which is the reason that my relationship with Kyle has survived so far I think. 
His entire family doesn't like me at all. I don't know why. Maybe I do know. But I don't care.
A couple of weeks ago, Kyle's mum had a stroke and was taken to the hospital in her hometown. Kyle and I were in JB. So I offered to drive all the way there. I skipped a class. I drove above 160km/h and it still took us almost 2 hours to reach. But the thing is, even in that moment, no one appreciated the fact that we reached there. It was something more alon…


Our second anniversary is coming up and I told Kyle that I won't be buying anything for him. Not that he asked for anything, but I have this need to actually buy something for birthdays and anniversaries. I told him that I'll cook something nice for him instead. Actually the main reason is because I'm super broke right now. When we went back this time, we were supposed to stay at my mum's place. But then the renovation wasn't completed and it was such a last minute thing, we ended up staying at a hotel. And that was super expensive. Anyway, I tried to do a trial run and I'm glad I did. Coz some of the ingredients weren't available. And the others were so expensive. 
Speaking of expenses, the lease of our current apartment expires by June. So I have actually started looking for places. But all the places are so expensive now. When we split the rent it's fine. But Kyle will be leaving before I finish so I need to find a place that's affordable even w…


I have so much to write here. Kyle and I spent Christmas in KL. I think it was a very relaxing getaway. I can't believe I'm saying that. Relaxing getaway in KL doesn't even sound real. But it was. I made sure it was. Coz most of the times we go to KL, we have so many things to do that its so stressful. But this time, we did nothing. We stayed at the hotel almost the entire time. After that trip we came back to JB and started packing again coz we were going back to my place. 
Can you imagine the amount of planning required to pack clothes for two weeks. It was a nightmare. We bought our tickets to depart from Singapore instead of JB coz the price difference was RM 600+ per ticket. So we decided to spend one night in Singapore before our flight so that its easier just incase there was trouble crossing over and what not. And I'm so glad we did that. Here's how cross-border taxis work. You're supposed to take one from Larkin Central and then it'll take you to …