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This entry has been long overdue and I've been extremely reluctant to write here. 
For starters, let me sum up 2013. 
Moving to JB was meh. I was excited about it initially until I realized just how disconnected it feels to be here from the rest of the world. Sure, Singapore is like a 20 minute drive away. But it's just different.  Academically 2013 was the hardest year. I cannot even begin to describe how stressful and tiring it was.  I met Kyle and I think that's the highlight of this year along with me passing the end of year exams.
So, for 2014, I don't have any particular resolutions. The only thing is that I want to improve myself and become a better person in all aspects.
Anyway, the trip to Bali with Kyle was wonderful. I think it was a much needed vacation for the both of us. 
After I came back from that trip I went to KL with my mum. It was such a nightmare. Reminded me why I left home in the first place. I guess our relationship is the best when we don'…