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I've been meaning to write this ever since I came back from KL. But I've been sick and wasting my time doing nothing. The trip to KL was rather chaotic. Kyle bought me an induction cooker for as my birthday gift. I'm quite happy with it. I bought new shoes as well. We were checking the shoe for Kyle and they didn't have it in his size so I bought it for myself. XD. 
So anyway, we spent 3 days in KL and then stopped by Kyle's hometown on the way to JB, stayed there for two days (I think) and then went to Kluang and came back to JB. Its so uncomfortable to stay at his hometown because we sleep on the same bed but we keep a huge wall of pillows in-between us just in case we touch each other while asleep and someone walks in on us. -_-
Got the aircon fixed on Saturday. Had to take down all of our photos near the dining table and bookshelf before the repair person came. I look forward to a day when we won't have to do that.
I'm going to open the Happy Jar at mi…


I didn't want to write about this earlier because I was scared. A week after my exams in November I got an email saying that I need to re-do it because my performance was unsatisfactory. It was so stressful. I cannot even begin to describe it. So I retook the exams with very little faith in myself. I mean, it's like a bitchslap in your face. During the practical exam, I almost broke in to tears when the examiner said "I don't believe you're a weak student. And I don't believe that you should be here retaking the exam". That was probably the nicest thing anyone could have told me at that point. All the examiners during the practical exam had assessed me during the semester as well. So whenever I couldn't answer something they asked I felt like I was a disappointment. On top of all that, Kyle was really supportive and kept comforting me. And Peanut kept me entertained. Thank you all for believing in me when I had stopped believing in myself. I honestly…


My birthday was actually last month. Kyle got me this cake at the last minute and I couldn't stop laughing. For those of you who don't know, "YAAASSSS" is actually something a Lady GaGa fan said which went viral. And whenever we're in the car Peanut and I keep saying YAAASSS and that's how Kyle knew about it. You can check the actual video here.

I mentioned about a friend in Entry 809. Honestly I don't know why I haven't given her a name on this blog. But anyway. We haven't been talking for a while now. And she messaged me today. And honestly I don't know what to do or say. I do understand her situation partly. Sigh. The entire issue is with her boyfriend not being okay with her talking to me. Apparently he doesn't feel "comfortable". >_>

Another thing that has been troubling me lately is my drawer chest. I bought it last year from Ikea before I moved here. And two out of the three drawers have started to have this really …


It has been really cold lately. Not complaining though. It's really nice. But with the windows closed it gets a bit stuffy inside and I don't want to open the windows. I'm afraid a lizard or something will come in ><. Kyle isn't at home tonight. If he was here I'd have opened the windows. I switched on the aircon a while ago and almost fainted. It smells like rotten shoes. So disgusting. And I can't seem to open the cover to clean it. It's actually due for servicing anyway. So most probably going to get it done next Saturday.
I've been craving for Magnum Ice Cream for a while ever since I saw it on a YouTube ad. When I was younger I wasn't allowed to eat a lot of things with food colouring and additives and all that. My parents were a bit over protective. So eating ice cream used to be once in a blue moon kind of thing. Went to 7-Eleven earlier and bought one. It's so meh. I don't really like it anymore.
I can't believe I still ha…


I can't remember whether I've written about this before. A few months ago I was at the express lane at Tesco to pay for my groceries when a father and son queued up behind me. The son must've been around 6 I think. He counted the number of things in the trolley and told his dad that it's more than 8 and the counter says maximum 8 items. (is it 8 or 6 at the express lane in Tesco? Either way, the maximum number at the express lane). So then the dad goes like "No, this is counted as only one item because all of it is the same thing". They trolley was filled with milk packets. 

I was actually checking Tumblr and saw this comic and that's what reminded me of the incident. They actually have a lot of interesting comics. You can check it out here. Some of them are NSFW, sort of.