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Feeling much better now. Minus the annoying post nasal drip I'm fine. Although everyone keeps saying I look sick >_>
So the other day I had this weird dream. I was at home practicing sutures on a piece of chicken and my dad was laughing at me because my knots were ugly. It's weird coz my dad passed away almost 18 years ago and I've never had a dream which had him in it. For the suturing part, I know I've been very stressed about it because there's a possibility of it coming out in the exam.
In other news, my bag is about to break. I thought I can make do without buying a new one this year. Hmm. I have only a few more weeks left. I should figure something out coz I'd rather buy a new one next year.
And my laptop has died. I left it unplugged on the table before I went to KL. It didn't work at all after I came back. And it's not even one year old. Like. Ugh. How frustrating can it get. So I checked for the nearest service centre and there's onl…


I was having a sore throat last Thursday and decided that it was time to go and see a specialist. So after dropping Kyle off at work, I went to the hospital for a consultation. Turns out that my previous tonsillectomy wasn't done properly and I need to get the remaining part removed. Honestly I'm quite annoyed about this whole thing. And the whole procedure seems rather expensive as well. But I think my health insurance should cover it. Need to check that soon. Discussed the situation with my mum and Kyle and I've decided that if I'm going to get the surgery done I'll do it in KL rather than doing it here.
Kyle and I went to KL on Friday night after my class. We were supposed to leave at 7pm but he was late and we ended up leaving at 8pm. It was as if everyone had decided to drive north. Mother of all traffic jams really. By the time we reached the hotel it was 1am.

We went to Kamal to buy a book that I wanted the next day and saw this really old building. If only…


Whenever I say that I miss KL, people always laugh at me and just brush it off. I have felt more at home in KL than at my parent's house where I lived for 17 years. So it really isn't a tiny thing for me.
I was going through the texts in my phone earlier and came across these. These were with a very close friend in KL. Now that she has a boyfriend we have more or less stopped talking because her boyfriend is homophobic. And I miss her a lot. But I don't want to say it because I don't want her to be in a situation where she needs to choose.
We used to go out almost every single day. Have dinner together. Check out guys. Go shopping. And all that. Especially in the middle of the night. I remember we once drove all the way to Port Dickson at 2am.

On a more positive note, Kyle and I are going to KL this weekend. Quite excited about that.

803: That fine line between empathy and sympathy

As a medical student I see people in critical conditions almost every single day. And it's very depressing to see it. Because most of the patients are unaware of just how bad their prognosis is. Or maybe they're in denial. 
A few weeks ago I came across a HIV positive patient. It's really sad because he's very young and not on any form of treatment for HIV. The entire situation is really sad. I can't disclose too much here. So how do you draw the line between empathy and sympathy? 
And it's really surprising just how many doctors are actually homophobic.