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I'm exhausted beyond words. If there is such a thing. But really, this week has been extremely tiring. And since I'm tired, I get annoyed at the tiniest things. I once told Kyle that he's my buffer solution. You know, the one we learn in Chemistry. But he didn't get the whole concept >_>
On an unrelated note. I believe that no matter how annoying someone is, if they do something nice or something good you should acknowledge it. I know someone who is super annoying. But he can be nice at times. Extremely nice. So just because he's annoying most of the time does it mean that we have to ignore the nice things he does? 
I want to go shopping ):


I discovered this new Facebook sticker recently and have been using it quite often. It's super cute! This conversation was with Kyle.

Actually I'm feeling very lazy today. Bleh. Can't wait to go home and sleep.
Haven't gone out with Peanut for quite some time now coz I was sick. Looking forward to this weekend! 
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So I'm feeling slightly better now. The sore throat got really painful by Friday that I couldn't even talk. When Kyle got back home in the evening we went to see the doctor again. Got a vancomycin and diclofenac injection for temporary relief. Was prescribed Cephalexin and Prednisolone. I was actually rather grumpy since I was in so much pain and couldn't talk. To make things worse, on the way back home, Kyle was driving at 70km/h on EDL. The speed limit is 90km/h. Not that anyone follows the speed limit. But at least drive at 90! So it turns out that when I asked him to drive faster he got angry >_>. 
Some people have been asking me whether Kyle is good to me. And their definition of good seems to be whether he takes care of me when I'm sick. He does. He takes care of me when I'm sick and I couldn't have asked for someone better to be honest. 
Being sick repeatedly has also made me realise just how troublesome it is to find a pharmacy in JB. Few nights ago…


Went to see the doctor on Monday night again because the fever wasn't subsiding. Got quite annoyed once the doctor started asking me what I think is the cause for the fever once he found out that I was a medical student. That is not the time to test how competent I am. Then again, I feel like the doctor was rather incompetent. This was the second visit and day 9 of the fever with no other symptoms and he didn't even order any blood tests. Anyway, I'm having a really bad sore throat now. So I'm guessing that's a secondary infection after the antibiotics.

Got the opinion of one of my tutors and she asked me a lot of questions for PUO. Then at the end she asked me "are you bleeding from any place?".
Been listening to Torn by Natalie Imbruglia the entire morning. Reminds me of when I was in school. It used to be aired on the radio quite frequently.


I've been having fever for seven consecutive days now. Went to see the doctor on Wednesday I think. Doesn't seem like the antibiotics worked at all. I honestly wonder what's wrong with me. The last medical check up I did in April didn't show anything. 
On an unrelated note, this has been bothering me for a while now. A friend of mine recently got attached. And I'm happy for her. What bothers me is how she has become homophobic and rather unpleasant lately. She has always been very supportive. I mean, we used to check out guys together. So I digged deeper and found out that her boyfriend is homophobic so she decided to do that as well. I should probably let it go. Clearly she's not worth it.


It's so cold here that it feels like my eyes are on fire. There are only three people inside the computer lab and both the aircons are switched on. I don't understand some people. Ugh.
I just want this semester to be over soon. But that also means sitting for the exams. Which is scary.
I miss KL and all the nice places. A random person asked me whether I like JB and I said I don't. She was rather offended. I mean, did you expect me to pretend? >_> 
Kyle played with my hair till I fell asleep last night. What more could you ask for from a guy. <3
What a random post.

My mum went to see the doctor for a follow up on a surgery she did a few years back. And since she was going, I asked her to get a medical check up done. She keeps saying she has emailed me her reports but I don't have them. Turns out that cellular data was not activated on her phone. >< She's so technologically challenged! Just a few weeks back she called me to ask how to use the wireles…


Today was a super productive day. I cleaned my room and changed the curtains. It feels so comfy now!
This is the view from my room window.


This has been long overdue. Been saying that I need to come up with a name for the boyfriend to use here on the blog. So he shall be named Kyle.
Kyle and I went to JPO yesterday to get something for his sister's birthday. After that we drove back home and were waiting till 5pm to drive in to Singapore. The whole VEP free entry thing. Anyway, we went to Ikea to get a table and two chairs to use in the dining area. It was fun. For some reason all the cashiers at Ikea were super nice to us. They weren't so nice and friendly the last time I went >_>
On the way back to JB we were wondering whether we need to declare the stuff we bought at the customs. I mean, it's for personal use. Neither of us actually knew the procedure. So we drove through the green lane as usual and the officer asked us to park on the side. Turns out that we were supposed to go to the red lane and declare the things. Since Kyle was driving, the officer took his passport and was threatening to withho…


So a funny thing happened the other day. One of my friends randomly messaged me on Facebook and told me that he knows who my boyfriend is. Apparently he saw a lot of photos of us together on Facebook. Haha. Turns out that he saw photos of me with a classmate and he just assumed that must be my boyfriend. Actually a lot of people have been assuming the same thing. Which is rather funny. 
Instagram is such a wonderful thing to stalk people. And I'm no different than the rest of you. So I was going through one of my friend's liked photos and discovered someone from highschool. Turns out that most of them went to NUS. Honestly I never bothered to keep in touch with anyone after I finished highschool. Saw their graduation photos and I don't know. I guess I felt a bit sad coz I'm still studying. Then again, I wouldn't have met some of the wonderful people who have changed my life if I had chosen a different path. So a part of me is still glad.

P.S. Johor Bahru is such a…