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I have lost count of the number of times I have tried to type this entry. I'm having a hard time expressing what I want to be put here. 
I went to KL with the boyfriend a couple of days back to get some stuff done. I had a good time. I've missed the place and people a lot. But one thing I definitely didn't miss was the attitude some people have. Especially gay people. What's with the condescending stares? No wonder people find it so hard to accept us. There's a limit to being bitchy and judging others. 

The boyfriend bought me socks! Haha. When he was going to buy it I felt like screaming "Dobby is free!!" in the store. But obviously I didn't. The reason that I was touched about the socks was coz it wasn't something that he would normally buy. And he said that he's buying it since I have rashes on my legs where the socks come in contact and maybe this would be better. 

Back to classes again tomorrow!


I miss blogging on a daily basis. If I were to say that I'm so busy I don't have time to blog, that wouldn't be entirely true. Been feeling rather emotional today. I'm still not used to life here. And I know that a lot of people will be saying that I should stop whining. Or something along those lines. 
I still miss unlimited internet. I miss YouTube-ing random stuff and browsing Tumblr endlessly. My monthly internet usage used to be around 90GB. Imagine having to cut down to 12GB. Tumblr and YouTube used to be ways that I cheered myself up after a rough day in uni. And I don't really have that anymore.
I miss KL. I know that I've blogged about it so many times. Here, I don't know where to go to get stuff done. Whenever I hear the traffic updates on the radio, I always listen to it now. I'm terrible with directions, but I can still recognise most of the roads they talk about in those updates. Above it all, I always had the feeling of KL being home. So …


I have fallen in to a rather monotonous routine ever since classes started. Monday to Friday is obviously spent in uni. I spend Saturdays with a close friend or two. And Sundays are for the boyfriend.
Last night, I finished class rather late around 7pm, the boyfriend messaged me and told me that he's waiting downstairs at my place with dinner. He wanted to surprise me because I'm normally at home by 6pm. I was truly touched. But I was out with my classmates so I couldn't go home straightaway. He knew that I've been having a rough week and wanted to cheer me up. 
Went to buy contact lenses earlier tonight. Goodness, some sales people think so highly of themselves. He was so rude to me I felt like going to another shop. But I was in a rush so ignored his attitude.
I really do need a holiday. Even though classes started few weeks back, it has been super tiring. Has anyone been to Colmar Tropicale? I've been wanting to go there ever since I saw a few photos on Instagr…


I realized that no matter what happens, if you have people that care about you with you, nothing can really create such a huge impact.
Something happened earlier and Peanut as well as another friend of mine was there to comfort me. And by comfort, I'm implying that they sent a few kind messages to me. See, that's all it takes. You don't need to do so much to make someone's day. Just a few kind words are more than enough.
But what really touched me was when the boyfriend came over to my place even when he was sick and had prior commitments. We didn't get to talk much because he dozed off a while ago. But it's the thought that counts.
To say that I feel extremely blessed right now would be an understatement. (:


To say that the past few weeks have been tiring and involved a lot of conflicts with people would be an understatement. Surprisingly, I'm not the only one who feels the same way. People are so fake and pretentious. I honestly look forward to learning something new everyday but the thought of seeing them makes me less happy. I know I can get through all of this. I just know. I need to find that balance.
My to-do list has been getting longer and longer. So much unsettled stuff. 
I guess I'm moody because I can't meet Peanut or the boyfriend this weekend. We're all too busy to meet this weekend. Meh. I should go and sleep.


Some people don't know when they invade other people's personal space. Maybe they do know but they don't care. Just because I'm gay and you are gay doesn't mean we need to be friends. 
Respect people's privacy please.