I have absolutely horrible neighbours. The guy who lives in the unit to my right is weird. When he goes to throw his garbage, which is directly opposite my unit, he makes SO.MUCH.NOISE. He literally takes whatever he needs to throw one by one. From his unit to the garbage room, there are 4 doors. And he slams all 4 doors each way. 

Then there's the unit opposite his unit which is sort of opposite mine as well. All of our units are 1 room units with around 500+ sq ft. I have no idea how many people live there because its so noisy. The people who live their work for a local airline. They smoke outside in the corridor and have parties that go on till 3-4am. The most annoying part is, there's a couple that's rather violent and argues so loud in their apartment that we can hear it inside our unit with the doors closed. They always argue around 5:30am atleast once a week. Earlier this year Kyle confronted her regarding the noise and her response was that she's creating the noise inside her apartment so thats none of our business. Then she went on a rant about how we should tolerate each other since its a condominium. Uh, yeah. That is exactly why you need to stop screaming inside your apartment.

There's no unit to our left because its an open area. But, as usual we have a neighbour upstairs. I can hear him walking, closing the doors, arguing with the wife, screaming at the kids. And construction during weekends and odd hours. He's been doing renovation the entire year. How much can you honestly do to such a small unit?? And mind you, this place is brand new.

I do believe that the building quality itself is poor, which is why there's so much noise from neighbours. We've lodged several complaints against the neighbours and things are better than before. But I hate the fact that we have an issue with our neighbours because thats not something I want. I'm not saying I want to be BFFs with them. But I'd prefer to be on okay terms with my neighbours even if we don't talk. I'm pretty sure that in the event of an emergency, none of them would help. Meh. But I'm glad that we're moving out soon.


  1. This is quite common with condominium living whether it is high end units or mid range condos. They are all the same humans, morons and animals on 2 legs as our neighbours. I have a British man who lives above and he smokes a lot at his balcony where he flicks his cigarette ashes at the balcony which flies down to my balcony. He drags the chairs and his kids throw toys on the floor too. I wish they would get deported soon! Ha Ha....

    Then there are neighbours who simply parked their cars on other reserved lots for convenience too.

  2. Oh that's not good. I can't stand having a noisy environment to live in. Glad you are moving out soon!


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