I've been traveling back and forth between JB/KL with Kyle over the past couple of weeks because he has stuff to do and I'm relatively free. Its exhausting and expensive to keep making these trips. Can't wait till he's actually done completely and moves to KL.

We made travel plans for November. Initially I was putting it off because ticket prices seemed really expensive and I didn't want to fly with Malaysia Airlines after all the drama I had with them last year. We came across a promo from Singapore Airlines that was so much cheaper and we decided to go with that. I'm quite excited for the trip. But its going to be so hectic because I need to fly back home to help my mum with something right before our trip. 

I have very little patience for rude businesses. I don't care how cheap/expensive or how good your product is. If you're rude to me I won't be returning. Seriously, how are people okay with rude customer service?


  1. We need to remember that every minute, thousands of morons and bigots are born into this world. Those adult ones multiply like maggots and virus flying everywhere. So you and I need to be on our guard always to swat them. The choice is ours and we are paying, right?

  2. I totally agree. Why stay with a service provider with really bad customer service. Which is why I switched phone networks a few years ago and I have never been happier :)

  3. How come your July 15 post has no comments section? Tutup ka?
    I would advise you to always speak only whatever our parents like to hear. Sometimes the truths could not bring peace and agreement. I am talking from my life's experience.


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