I'm going to apologise in advance if this post offends anyone.

Why are men of certain ethnic groups/religious beliefs so insecure when it comes to their wife? Imagine a situation where a male doctor has to examine someone's wife in the presence of her husband and a female chaperone and its still not okay. I can't understand this nonsense. I was just told today that "patients in Kuala Lumpur are not like the ones in Johor Bahru. Here, they're more educated, more open minded and will not let any male doctor touch their wife to examine them." So tell me the part where patients in Kuala Lumpur are more educated and open minded if they can't even let a male doctor examine them in the presence of a chaperone. It's no longer religious freedom when it affects everyone's job at a public hospital.

Or maybe their insecurity stems from watching too much doctor/patient porn.


  1. Our country is shifting backwards with brains undergoing segregation stages and ringgits falling like durians too.

  2. Sigh... I'm speechless already when it comes to this country's progress.


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