I've had a couple of posts in my drafts for a while now. Sometimes I tend to overthink about what I should post. But at the end of the day I doubt it really matters.

I had a meeting the other regarding a group assignment. I booked a room and checked that everyone was free and all of them agreed. One of them didn't turn up and all the others were late ranging from 10 mins to 30 mins. I was so irritated. On top of that, there was one guy who kept going on and on about how he has so many job offers from UK instead of discussing the assignment. I just hope that everyone comes for the next meeting so that we can get over with this.

This is an overlapped timelapse of star trails I took during the last few days in JB

Kyle and I are planning to go somewhere without light pollution soon for some star photography and I'm so excited. I haven't really uploaded any of the photos to Instagram from our trips either.


  1. This is clearly lacking of manners and courtesy of the colleagues for being late for meetings. I always have meetings with my Japanese clients and I had to make sure I am always ready on the dot with all documents ready. They are so punctual and precise as that is their culture.

    1. I know right. I can't imagine how they'll be when they graduate and start working!


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