I hate it when my sleep cycle gets messed up. Kyle chose to take the earliest flight to go to JB today. So we were up by 5am. And I slept at 3am. After dropping him off at the airport I came back home and tried to get some work done but I was too sleepy. I fell asleep around 9am I think. And woke up at 5pm. Kill me. I can never take naps. So there goes any chance of me being able to sleep tonight. 

We went to a lawyer's office to get some of my documents certified the other day. Oh my. The lawyer was hot! Haha. Like the hot daddy type. I miss having people around me that I can talk about with things like these.

I had a meeting at the hospital the other day about the ethics application. I got the call about it at 12pm and we were supposed to be there by 2pm. I'm not very familiar with the hospital and I'm terrible with directions. So I decided to take GrabCar instead of driving there. The first driver called me and asked me to cancel because he was "on the opposite side". I'm glad that I did. I did not want to go to the hospital in a Toyota Hilux. The next one was nice. He was very chatty. I paid RM 35 for the trip including 3 tolls. Yeah, thats how far I stay from the hospital. 

I have deadlines approaching soon and I honestly feel like I'm not prepared. I had a nightmare the other night about my ethics application being rejected for the research project. Ugh. This entire thing is getting delayed so much that its not even funny anymore. But I guess thats what happens when you have people at high positions that abuses their power into forcing their name as the first author in a research paper.


  1. I had been messed up many times in my life over those unearthly hour's urgency too. I suggest that you sleep at least 1-2 hours nap before waking up at 2-3am. I learnt all these tricks from high flying crew on the airlines.


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