The topic of Kyle and I getting married came up again the other day. We've had this discussion few years back as well. For some reason, everything has happened so fast in our relationship. Kyle moved in with me 3 months or so after we started dating. And we've been living together since then. At this point, I don't see what difference it makes whether we're married or not. Because we live together, share all the expenses and talk to each other about major decisions. But something Kyle said the other day got me thinking. He said that he is not ready to get married right now. And I'm okay with that. But honestly, what difference does a title make at this point? Am I missing something?


  1. It is true that, there is no difference with a marriage or not when both are living together. Marriage is only a piece of paper to suit today's lifestyles.

    1. It really is just a piece of paper!

  2. I second to that. I don't see the importance of having that certificate of marriage in this century. People don't need that paper to live together, and people don't need it to stay together. Even with that paper, there are so married partners still divorce. So what's the power of that paper?


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