I've been helping out with my mum's work for the past couple of months. And now that I'm more free I've taken up more work. I'm mostly dealing with online stuff like responding to emails and organising things. But we had to hire a new staff so I'm in the process of getting everyone's applications. Dear God. People never read when they apply for jobs. If it were up to me I'll reject all the applicants because from the application alone I can see they're so incompetent. I can't even. Anyway, there are a handful of okay-ish applicants and I'm prepping the questions/tasks for the interview. Its a completely different experience to be on the other end of all of this. I'm actually enjoying this although its not my area of expertise. I just hope that we can hire someone who is a bit passionate about the job. 

I'm still thinking whether I should attend my graduation ceremony. I honestly don't feel like going because believe it or not, I don't feel like I have achieved anything with my MBBS. Like it doesn't feel special. 


  1. Hey, it IS a Great Achievement Doc! You should go! It's five years of your life and you can finally say a proper goodbye to school and embrace the adult,working life! Congrats!

  2. All my siblings and I attended our own graduations alone without our parents being around. We could understand well that they had toiled hard to invest in our overseas education therefore we could not insist for their presence. Now so many years have passed and I would also think it was not really necessary that I attended my own graduation. I could have gone skiing at Aspen in Colorado instead and ask the admin office to courier my cert to Malaysia.

    Just follow your heart.


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