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I was talking to Kyle on the phone the other day and we agreed on going on another road trip at the end of this year. During December 2014 and January 2015 we went on a road trip in Malaysia along the west coast. Our itinerary was like this.

Johor Bahru --> Kuala Lumpur --> Melaka --> Ipoh --> Kangar --> Georgetown --> Putrajaya --> Cameron Highlands --> Johor Bahru --> Singapore --> Kuala Lumpur --> Johor Bahru

It took us 25 days to complete the trip. Mainly because my parents joined us at Putrajaya onwards for the rest of the trip. To be honest, the reason we planned the first road trip was because we wanted to go somewhere during the holidays but it was a bit too expensive to go overseas. And I'm glad we made that decision because I had a lot of fun on that entire trip except the times when my parents were being very difficult >_>

Its such a coincidence that my car servicing falls on November/December and I don't have to worry about getting it serviced halfway through the trip. Because the first trip was more than 5000km in total. There were quite a lot of places that we want to visit again based on the previous trip. So for the end of this year, this is the itinerary we have planned so far. 

Kuala Lumpur --> Sekinchan --> Georgetown --> Kangar --> Kota Bharu --> Kuala Terrenganu --> Kuantan --> Mersing --> Johor Bahru

We're adding on more places to visit along this route in general but want to keep the entire trip under 30 days. I'm open to suggestions on other places to visit though! 


  1. ahhh,so you own a 208 pug, wonder if we have seen each other at the service centre or on online Peugeot forum...

    p/s been driving a neysha blue 207cc for almost 7 years

    1. Haha we might have if you go to the Plentong SC

  2. Your photos are pretty when posted together like a blanket.
    Now you are making my head spinning again as I have delayed my plans for over a decade. I have visited East & West Malaysian states many times except Kelantan and Trengganu!!!! What is holding me back, I really don't know lah.....

    1. Thank you! haha I think its mainly because a lot of places to see and things to do aren't advertised as much about those places compared to other towns.

  3. Woooow! What an awesome road trip! :D


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