860: Where is "home"?

So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks. Kyle & I went to Sydney earlier this month and it was one of the best trips ever. I'm going to post more about the trip once I go back to Johor Bahru next month because I accidentally left the SD card in Kyle's laptop and he just left to Johor Bahru this morning. 

Towards my last week in Melbourne I got really sick with a cold and we weren't really able to go to the places we wanted to go despite having rented the car. It was such a waste. And the weather was pretty bad too. It was raining the entire day for a few days in a row. 

I'm currently in a small town bordering Victoria and New South Wales for my final rotation. Initially I was really looking forward to it. But ever since I came here I've been wanting to go back. It just doesn't feel right and its so frustrating because I can't pin point to what the real reason is. And this is my first night sleeping at my place here. I was staying with Kyle at the hotel for the past week. When we came to my room yesterday we found out that the screen door outside my window was damaged. Like someone tried to break in. Honestly, if someone does break in, it will be my room in this entire house because mine is the very first room from the main road.

I'm counting down the days to go back. And maybe not knowing whether I'll get a job is partly the reason I'm feeling this way. I miss home. But I don't know where home is anymore. I feel like I don't belong anywhere.


  1. home is where the heart is, it's not always a place, but rather a person who means everything to you...


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