Last week was pretty eventful. On Friday night, Kyle and I met up with a blogger who was visiting Melbourne for a few days. The world works in weird ways. I used to talk to him on Windows Live Messenger back then and then we lost touch and he started blogging and moved to Australia. I'm so glad we finally met up. We had coffee at this place at The Emporium and then went to the Docklands to see the fireworks. It was the last night for the fireworks so the place was pretty packed. 

After the fireworks, we had dinner at this Vietnamese place nearby mainly because that's the only place I know around there.

On Saturday, Kyle and I went to the botanic gardens and walked around. It was meh. I still prefer the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

From there, we walked to the Shrine of Remembrance. Pretty interesting stuff there.

We passed by the National Gallery of Victoria on the way into the city and went inside for a bit.


We purposely made a detour because I wanted to see the Chanel store but it was such a disappointment that we didn't even go in. We went to Zara after that and I ended up buying some stuff and then went to a few camera shops because I was looking for a ND Filter for my DSLR. Apparently the type I want isn't really recommended. The ones that are recommended are so expensive! >< So we wandered around and ended up at the H&M Flagship store in Melbourne. It looks really nice. I didn't buy anything but we walked inside there for quite some time. By the time we came out, it was dinner time and we literally went in to the first place we saw. It's this Malaysian place called Mamak.

I personally liked the chicken satay. Kyle said it wasn't that good >_>

The chicken curry was meh.


  1. I've seen a black swan or two at the Singapore Botanic Garden. For some reason, it scared me. I feel like it's going to attack anytime. Haha! The Vietnamese food looks great! I've yet to find a Filipino food store/restau here in Tokyo. Haha!

    1. Haha swans always look angry for some reason right!


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