I have been relatively busy this weekend. On Saturday I went to Melbourne airport to pick up Kyle. It was so cold in the morning. As usual, I reached the bus stop way too early and had to wait there for 20 minutes. It was 2°C. I don't know how others do it here honestly. But getting to and from Melbourne airport isn't convenient at all. Yeah, they do have a dedicated bus service. But that departs from the city. I'm staying quite far from the city. So I took a bus that took me 3 hours to reach the airport. Anyway, we took a taxi back and it cost us $130. What even.

This is my newest obsession. If only it came without the added sugar. I don't like my drinks too sweet.


  1. Now you brought me down the memory lane during my college days in Pennsylvania where they have brutal winters and mountains of snow. Their buses were so punctual and arrive precisely at the scheduled minutes of their time tables. So I always made hot coffee at my apartment and sipped them slowly with a Marlboro cigarette in hand, looking at my watch closely. When I had just 1 minute left, I would run in the snow with my coffee to reach the bus stop on time! It was madness and fun.

    I have not tried this Chai Tea with spice. Looks so tempting.

    1. Its nice but a bit too sweet for me. But I guess that's the catch with the pre-mixed/3-in-1 drinks eh

  2. Three hours to the airport?!?!?! That's like my flight from Singapore to Manila! Whoa!

    Enjoy the tea! :) Enjoy Kyle time!

    1. Exactly! Its just a ridiculous bus. And maybe I'm staying too far as well. haha


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