I've been going to the post office quite often lately to collect the stuff I bought online. So anyway, the guy at the post office counter recognises me and I don't even have to show any ID anymore. Which is sort of a good thing. I'm having a hard time reading his body language. He seems friendly and nice but at the same time he seems to be judging me. Like even if the queue was super long if he sees me he'll yell out my name and wave but at the same time he gives off a very uncomfortable vibe. Hmm.

One of the things I bought online are shoes. Shoes are literally the only things that I normally dare to buy online because I'm so afraid that if I buy shirts/pants they won't fit nicely. But turns out that the shoe is so much smaller and it doesn't fit me. It's like Drizella wearing the glass slippers. They have free returns but its annoying because I wanted to wear it to the hospital this week itself. The shoe label says US10, which is my shoe size. Mostly for formal shoes its US9 - 10 that fits me. So I thought it wouldn't be a problem. Kyle's shoe size is smaller than mine so I'm hoping the shoe fits him at least so that I don't have to go through the entire process of returning it. He'll be here on Saturday and if it doesn't fit him as well, I'll just have to return it and get a bigger pair.

I'm impatiently waiting for a job offer. I keep refreshing my email and checking the junk folder multiple times a day hoping I'll get a positive response from one of the hospitals that I've applied to. Honestly, I'm not picky. Like most of the hospitals I've applied to are at least an hour away from big cities by flight. Because those are the places that no one wants to work at. So far I've only gotten emails saying that either they're full or some other nonsense saying that they can't offer me a job.


  1. I also shop online often as they are cheaper and saves my time. I just dared to buy shoes very recently and have been safe. I also could not risk buying shirts and pants as I am so huge & funny shaped! LOLOL

    1. Online shopping is so convenient! But at the same time its risky when it comes to sizes!


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