This week seems to be going by pretty slowly for me. I'm trying to not get lost in the new hospital. I find it so weird that the ground floor is labelled as level 2 here. The registrar is pretty nice. He is very willing to teach but the team dynamics aren't as good as they were in the previous hospital. Mainly because they hate the consultant here. I try not to judge someone until I get to know them better. So far, the consultant seems pretty okay to me. Hmm but it's only been two days. 

It's a 20 minute walk from my place to the hospital so I'm still trying to figure out what is the critical time for me to wake up in order to get ready and have breakfast before going. Other than that, I'm pretty excited to have the stuff I ordered online be delivered some time soon. I chose the parcel collect service where I can go to the nominated post office to collect my stuff instead of delivering it home. One of the main reasons I did that was because I wasn't sure whether my host would be okay with me using their address to buy stuff online. Although I don't see any problem with that, you never know how people might react. Because they are pretty quick to judge people.

Kyle was supposed to "surprise" me in the first week of September. But he's planning to change his ticket and come and see me next week. So I'm pretty excited about that as well. The host here kept asking me who the second guest was and whether it was my girlfriend who was coming. And I was like no he's a friend. Now that I think back, maybe the reason he asked so many times was because I was wearing the necklace with the ring as a pendant when I moved here. I'm not entirely sure whether they are okay or not. But I've already paid. So that's there.


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