On Thursday night, I received a text from the AirBnB host saying that she's going to cancel my booking because she's having a "family emergency". I was supposed to move in on Saturday (today). So I stayed up and found another place that was nearer to the next hospital that I'll be going to. Like it's walking distance so I won't be wasting my money on the bus. But the price is still not justified. Its so much more expensive. I didn't have a choice so I booked the place. AirBnB was supposed to refund my previous booking to offset the new booking and I top up the remaining amount. But they were so incompetent. They couldn't get it done and I didn't have enough cash in my account to pay. The past few days have been so tiring. I ended up withdrawing cash using my Maybank card to pay. I just hope the new hosts are nice. They better be nice. I'm paying so much to stay there.


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