One thing I really can't stand is openly racist people. I believe that everyone is racist to a certain extent. But keep that at home and don't bring that negativity to work. During my first week here one of the university staff mistook me for someone else and she justified that by saying "oh all you people from Malaysia look the same". A simple apology would have been sufficient to be honest. She didn't have to say that. I found it quite offensive. So I responded to that by saying "yeah, I've been having the same problem since I came to Melbourne, everyone here looks the same." The reason I suddenly remembered this was because Kyle called me earlier today and told me about something that happened in his uni. He's studying at a public uni and he is an ethnic minority. Do I even need to elaborate on the shit that goes on there. Honestly, I can't wait for him to graduate and leave that place for good.

Moving on to more depressing things, I forgot to bring my earphones when I came to Melbourne. So I bought a pair of earphones for $4.95 at the university bookstore. And one side does not work at all. To make things worse, it can't be exchanged or refunded. *sigh* I don't want to buy a proper new pair here because I have one back in JB. ):

I went to the supermarket this afternoon after I finished from the hospital. It started raining right after I finished shopping and I didn't have my umbrella with me. At times like these I really miss my car. Like, it's really nice to walk here in Melbourne. But I miss the convenience of having a car at times.


  1. Is it possible to have kyle post the earphone to you?

    1. yeah I thought of that too. but he's coming here sometime next month so I guess I'll just wait till then

  2. As one song in Avenue Q goes, "Everyone's a little bit racist... sometimes..." Hehe! :D


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