Kyle and I have been pretty suspicious about the owner of the house that I'm staying at. He says that he's from China and been here for only a couple of months. But his job which he told us about doesn't explain a lot of other stuff. I actually found this place through AirBnb and it really was a good deal because I'm staying directly opposite the hospital. So anyway, when I came back home this afternoon, no one was at home. And this music sheet on top of the piano caught my eye. I took piano lessons when I was younger so I was curious what song it was. As I was going through the sheets, which I probably shouldn't have, I saw some other documents. Some bank papers for a house loan in the CBD, CVs for job applications under multiple names and some sort of income tax sheets with annual earnings exceeding 4 million AUD. And the most intriguing part was that there were two CVs with two different names. Both had the same surname as a book author. Something fishy is definitely going on. 

But honestly that's the most exciting thing that has happened this week. Well, that and the fact that the stuff I ordered from Uniqlo Malaysia has actually arrived in JB and we have matching t-shirts to wear in Sydney next month! I'm really looking forward to that trip although I haven't planned anything specific yet other than the typical tourist-y places to visit and this café simply because the food looks cute!


  1. Lol, get out of that house asap. You don't want to be dragged into any fishy stuff. Hehe! Meanwhile, that cafe looks lovely! One of my good friends moved to Syd early this year. I've yet to visit him. Haha!

    1. Yeah! Moving out soon! haha. It does right! I'm really looking forward to go to that café!


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