So the other day we had a workshop off campus. After the workshop, we were walking towards the train station and I was behind everyone else when suddenly someone grabbed my arm and pulled me towards one side. Initially I thought it was one of them pulling me because there was a car or something. But this was a pedestrian only zone and there were no vehicles around. So I turned to look at whoever was grabbing my arm and its this middle aged lady and she was like "can you give me some money". Ugh. Why does this always happen to me?! Few years ago the exact same thing happened when I was at an ATM in KL. 

 Look at this Vodafone ad!

I actually don't have much happening right now. This week has been pretty boring other than that encounter with the crazy lady. I'll be moving to a new place at the end of next week. I'm not really looking forward to it although I can't stand the people in this house. 


  1. Well atleast the old lady probably wanted you to invest in good karma. :)

    1. that's one way of looking at it!

  2. Agree with Simon. Look at it that way. Hehe! :D


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