I normally don't ask people for help because I have never had any good experiences with doing that. But I do try to believe that some people can genuinely be good. Before I came to Melbourne, my mum told me that a family friend lives in Melbourne and that they are willing to pick me up from the airport and help me with stuff. One of the main reasons I was actually willing to take up on the offer was because I needed my working with children check done and it requires a postal address. But I'll be moving to a different place every few weeks. So getting the card in the mail would not have been convenient at all. I opted to use their address for that and my bank account as well. When Kyle and I arrived, I texted them using the airport wifi since I couldn't find them and asked where to wait. Honestly, this is my first time in Melbourne. But I'm not stupid and I can read directions well. So they asked us to stay inside the terminal at the arrival area. And that's where I waited for almost an hour. After that, I got a message asking me to wait near the bridge crossing to ParkRoyal. If you have been to Melbourne airport, there are two crossings. I was not told which one to wait at. Dear God. So finally I saw them and he seemed quite annoyed at me. Not a good start obviously. Then he went on to rant about how we should cross the road and wait for him at the pick up area and all that. Excuse me. You were the one who asked me to wait inside the terminal.

So much drama. A couple of weeks after that they called me because my debit card arrived at their place. So I asked them if it would be okay for me to drop by Monday evening to pick it up. And they said its fine and to text them before I left home. I did as I was asked. And especially since there was so much drama when they picked us up, I really didn't want to stay over for dinner so I told them that I have a class at 7pm and need to go back immediately. All hell broke loose when I said that. He was like, we had to change our working shifts to stay at home and cook extra for dinner and all that. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful but I asked before I came over. And I specifically said that I'll drop by to just pick the card. I'm so annoyed about this entire situation. It has been more than 2 weeks since then and I cannot stop thinking about how annoyed I am about it.

Anyway, the main reason I went to pick up the card was because Kyle and I wanted to rent a car for a road trip here. Hopefully I have enough time this week to finish that post.


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