I'm about to graduate in a couple of months and the whole "girlfriend" question from the family seems to be just around the corner. My cousin has already told me that he overheard this. The thing I don't understand is how can my mother not know that I'm gay and Kyle is my boyfriend. She has visited our place multiple times and has seen our bedroom. We have a queen sized bed and it is so obvious that we sleep on the same bed. What type of roommates sleep on the same bed for more than 3 years??? I feel very uncomfortable with this entire situation. Because she actually likes Kyle. And that's the first time she has ever liked any of my friends or boyfriends. When I was in school, Luke used to come over to my place quite often and my mom would always make up some excuse and force me to make him leave. She can't possibly be okay with the fact that I'm gay because she's so homophobic. Sooner or later I'll definitely have to deal with this.


  1. Maybe she has changed. Most people do so especially they see how happy their kid are with someone


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