I always have the urge to write a post when I'm busy and should be focusing on other stuff. I'm supposed to be doing this research paper now but I'm not in the mood to do it at all. Coz honestly, I can't find any relevant papers published in the last 10 years. Anyway, I've been wanting to write about the end of year trip that Kyle and I had.


We started planning for it some time in February 2015. And I think I tend to plan things too much. Like, I need to plan it down to the fine details. Definitely something I need to work on actually. Our first stop was from JB to KL. And I must say, it was pretty eventful. We've been having a lot of arguments recently and I really thought the trip would help both of us. 

We waited for the "snow" at 8pm that night
After a night in KL, we went to Melaka. It was my first time in Melaka so it was pretty nice. But we didn't get to try any food at all because I didn't really want to queue for so long. It was the school holidays! From Melaka, we drove to Ipoh.

I have honestly forgotten the name of this place.

Honestly, that was such a disappointment. It was raining the first night and we didn't really do much that night. And people in Ipoh drive like crazy. The next day in Ipoh, we did go to Lenggong which is roughly an hour drive away from Ipoh.

Vista Point along E1. Not much of a view really >_>
We went to a lake there and accidentally found out about the archaeological museum. I think that was the most eventful day there. On top of that, we (Kyle was driving) got a police fine for overtaking at a junction. Oops. But the police officer was pretty nice. So yeah.

This was at Tasik Raban in Lenggong
They actually have buses there! And it was pretty frequent!
Accidental discovery!
After that, we drove to Kangar all the way from Ipoh. We reached there after sunset and there were no lights anywhere. It was bad. We stayed at Tasoh Lake Resort & Retreat. Don't let the fancy name fool you. It was a nightmare to find the reception because the entire place was pitch black. I was telling Kyle to drive towards any place with light. I'm not kidding but that is how we found the hotel reception. After paying and all that, we had to drive to our room and that itself was a nightmare. Coz the room numbers aren't labelled and there were no lights. So I got down from the car and walked by the rooms with a torchlight while Kyle drove by. The place has so much potential but its not taken care of at all.

I think the entrance fee was RM 1. I hated this place coz it was testing my fears.
This is how the cave looks like for most parts. They do have some sort of "rest stops" along the way where you can stand and wait for a while coz you can't be blocking the entire way right.
Finally!! This is the exit from the cave. Hello from the other side!

After we came out from the cave, it was the state park. And we found these stairs and climbed to the top. It was obvious that no one has gone up these stairs in quite some time. I was praying that there wouldn't be any snakes hiding in those trees! 
After all that, we went to Padang Besar which is where the CIQ is located to go in to Thailand.
So we tried these coconuts since they were fresh and the lady said they're sweet. Such lies! It was salty and tasted like something else.

We spent 2 days in Kangar. Well, not really Kangar but near there. We thought of going to Thailand but Kyle didn't bring his passport so we couldn't do that.

The remaining of the photos are in my camera so I'm going to continue this post soon!


  1. I wanna go backpacking around Malaysia someday and maybe even drop by Thailand too! :)

  2. Wow...haven't visited your blog for quite a while. Glad that you had a mini getaway. I haven't been to Malacca for so long already, and I miss the food there so much, miss the time I had with my family there. Any ghost stories for the hotel you stayed at?

    1. hahaha nope! no ghost stories!


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