Our second anniversary is coming up and I told Kyle that I won't be buying anything for him. Not that he asked for anything, but I have this need to actually buy something for birthdays and anniversaries. I told him that I'll cook something nice for him instead. Actually the main reason is because I'm super broke right now. When we went back this time, we were supposed to stay at my mum's place. But then the renovation wasn't completed and it was such a last minute thing, we ended up staying at a hotel. And that was super expensive. Anyway, I tried to do a trial run and I'm glad I did. Coz some of the ingredients weren't available. And the others were so expensive. 

Speaking of expenses, the lease of our current apartment expires by June. So I have actually started looking for places. But all the places are so expensive now. When we split the rent it's fine. But Kyle will be leaving before I finish so I need to find a place that's affordable even when he leaves. And the thing is, there aren't that many options in this area in JB. I guess another reason that it's so expensive is coz it's near the causeway to Singapore. So in the end, although I hate this place, I asked the landlord whether he's willing to extend the current lease and what would the new terms be. I'm just hoping that he says yes and the increment is not more than RM 100. Coz this is an unfurnished apartment. Like it doesn't even have the kitchen cabinets. I can't wait to get my own place that's more permanent.


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