I have so much to write here. Kyle and I spent Christmas in KL. I think it was a very relaxing getaway. I can't believe I'm saying that. Relaxing getaway in KL doesn't even sound real. But it was. I made sure it was. Coz most of the times we go to KL, we have so many things to do that its so stressful. But this time, we did nothing. We stayed at the hotel almost the entire time. After that trip we came back to JB and started packing again coz we were going back to my place. 

Can you imagine the amount of planning required to pack clothes for two weeks. It was a nightmare. We bought our tickets to depart from Singapore instead of JB coz the price difference was RM 600+ per ticket. So we decided to spend one night in Singapore before our flight so that its easier just incase there was trouble crossing over and what not. And I'm so glad we did that. Here's how cross-border taxis work. You're supposed to take one from Larkin Central and then it'll take you to wherever you want in Singapore for S$55 IF it's a Singapore registered taxi. If it's a Malaysian registered taxi, they can only drop you off at some taxi stand near Orchard (I think) and that costs RM 55 if I'm not mistaken. Our initial plan was to take a Malaysian taxi and do it the long way. But we had to wait in the taxi queue for over an hour with all the luggage. Both our luggage combined weighed nearly 40kg. So in the end we took a Singapore registered taxi and he didn't know the hotel and it was so chaotic. That was on new year's eve. We spent 12 days at my place and came back to JB on 13th. And I have yet to completely unpack. I really don't like unpacking. But I should do it. 

Other than that, I'm actually staying up coz I need to wake up Kyle at 7:30am. He just went to bed and needs to wake up on time tomorrow. And neither of us are sure that we can wake up if we sleep, so I told him I'll stay up and wake him up. Like. I really really want him to go to work tomorrow because there's so much discrimination against him there as it is. Why give them another reason to say anything. And the worst part is, its not the sexuality based discrimination. Its the other one that everyone knows but no one says it. 


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