I'm so bored right now. But I don't want to go out either because its the weekend and all the places will be too crowded. I drove up to KL earlier today. It's been quite some time since I drove alone. Normally Kyle will be the one driving. But he's busy this time so I came alone. Actually here to walk around with my mum. She's coming tomorrow morning. So I came here a day earlier since the flight lands so early in the morning. 

The wifi at the hotel is so slow and there's so much noise from God knows where. At the check-in counter when the guy asked me whether I want a twin bed room or king sized bed room, I told him that my booking is for a twin bed room. But he "upgraded" it for free. Now I'm wishing that he hadn't done that. Coz this is one of those connecting type of rooms and although there's a door, its quite noisy. So I'm a bit annoyed. And did I mention slow wifi. It's basically useless. And the window in this room can't be opened. Its just glass. >_>

But at least the view is decent I think.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this for quite some time now. I used to blog when I was in school. I think I was 15-ish back then. It sort of became my online identity. The name I used I mean. And I stopped writing on that blog and removed everything last year. The main reason was obviously because I didn't feel comfortable talking about very personal stuff since a lot of people knew who I was there. I've been thinking about merging this blog with that one. It's some sort of coming out thing I guess. Another reason is, I'm more active on twitter than on any of the blogs. The twitter linked to that blog. But maybe I should wait till I graduate. Hmm.


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