Again, I've been meaning to write a lot of things here. But I've been quite busy lately. There's that and me being lazy. And the lack of privacy. Hmm, maybe not privacy. But I just don't feel comfortable blogging when my boyfriend is in the house although he will definitely read it lateron. I don't know. It's a difficult thing to explain.

Today has been a hectic and memorable day. And not in the good way. My tutor was sick and he had to stop the class halfway. Since I was the only one who knew how to drive, he asked me to drive him back to his house in his car. Here's the thing, I have never ever driven a sedan. Obviously I was scared. And I'm terrible with directions. On top of that, this was our first day at this very clinic. So I didn't know my way around at all. I drove to my tutor's house and he was going to call a cab for us to go back to the clinic since my car was there. Before he could call a cab, his wife came out and told him that she can take us back. And since it was around lunch time, she took us for lunch. After lunch, while she was reversing from the parking spot, she accidentally hit another car. Accidents happen all the time. It's inevitable. So all of us got down from the car. He started shouting and demanding for money. It wasn't that my tutor's wife wasn't willing to pay. She was willing to pay since it was her fault. But the way he acted. Like, wow. I'm so speechless. 

A couple of day ago someone hit Kyle's car. This was at a traffic light, while the light was red and when it had been a few minutes after all the cars stopped. Some people are so careless.

So I just sent in my application for an overseas elective yesterday. Hopefully it gets approved!


  1. yup! a lot of malaysian drivers are raging Kiki Peugot 206 kind of drivers.


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