Today has not been a good day. Had a session in the morning with one of the most angry surgeons ever. I've heard rumours about this doctor but chose not to believe it coz most of the time the rumours aren't true. But not this one. This scene from MPGIS actually describes her very well (0:57 to 1:22).

We were asked about IV fluids and I didn't remember the exact calculation. Normally it wouldn't have affected me that much. But I actually prepared for this session before going in and I honestly forgot to read up on it in such a great detail. Like, I know the basics which clearly wasn't enough. Besides, emergency medicine is a final year topic and I didn't think that we'd be asked about it today.

Anyway, last week I had a major presentation. I was the second person to present and the moment I saw my classmate's slides I started panicking. Because she included something that I thought was compulsory and I completely forgot about it. Turns out it was optional. And surprisingly I did well according to my tutor. It's almost impossible to get a compliment in med school. So I'm quite happy about it.

I found these on Tumblr a while ago. Aren't they super cute?!


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