It has been one of those weeks where I've been asking myself over and over again whether I'm choosing the correct career. I feel like I don't know enough. And I have slightly over one and a half years before I graduate. Being a doctor is definitely not easy. And some people make such a big deal about the title "Dr". It's such a huge responsibility. I can't even begin to express how uncomfortable I feel when nurses/patients call me doctor now.


So I'm supposed to go to KL in June with Kyle's family. Hmm. To be really honest I'll feel very awkward even though they know me and I've stayed over at his place several times. And this is something I never do. Not even when my aunts and cousins ask me to go to places with them. Mainly because I cannot stand indecisive people. I know, I sound selfish. But I'm honestly torn. Part of me wants to go coz it'll make Kyle happy. Part of me doesn't want to go coz I'd rather go out and walk around in KL alone or just with Kyle. What do I do?


  1. i was like that regarding my career path. i was a law student, and struggled midway through the course cuz i knew i'm just not cut out to be a litigation lawyer. but i soldiered on and graduated. i didn't take CLP, and to be honest, my career isn't really outstanding, just enough to pay the bills. seeing that you only have 1.5 years left, just go with it. you can do it!

    and the second part, i'm just like you too, i feel awkward if i were to go on a group outing, i would be the quiet one.
    and to go out with your lover's family, now that's double the awkwardness.
    but, try to keep an open mind. i know it is out of your comfort zone, but just give it a try. if you don't like it the first time, then you would know that outing with his family is not your cuppa.
    good luck :-)

    1. hopefully I can!

      Exactly! But yeah, in the end I decided to go although the plan has been cancelled. Haha.

      And thanks, kind of needed something positive like this that day (:


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