I've been meaning to write this ever since I came back from KL. But I've been sick and wasting my time doing nothing. The trip to KL was rather chaotic. Kyle bought me an induction cooker for as my birthday gift. I'm quite happy with it. I bought new shoes as well. We were checking the shoe for Kyle and they didn't have it in his size so I bought it for myself. XD. 

So anyway, we spent 3 days in KL and then stopped by Kyle's hometown on the way to JB, stayed there for two days (I think) and then went to Kluang and came back to JB. Its so uncomfortable to stay at his hometown because we sleep on the same bed but we keep a huge wall of pillows in-between us just in case we touch each other while asleep and someone walks in on us. -_-

Got the aircon fixed on Saturday. Had to take down all of our photos near the dining table and bookshelf before the repair person came. I look forward to a day when we won't have to do that.

I'm going to open the Happy Jar at midnight tonight. And I just realised that the post describing what it's all about isn't on my blog right now. Coz I moved all the posts prior to March 2013 to a safer place. So anyway, how  it works is that you write something that made you happy that day and put it in the jar every single day and open it at new years eve. Obviously I missed out on a lot of days because I forgot and was lazy to do it. But from the looks of it there should be atleast a 100. I guess that would be my resolution for 2014. To make sure that I have 365 pieces of paper in the jar by the end of 2014.

Happy new year everyone! I cannot believe that tomorrow is not a public holiday in Johor. I was hoping that Kyle could stay at home with me tomorrow ):


  1. I do hope your "be happy over something everyday" will work out well next year! ;) Happy New Year Aiden!

  2. Hey hey, I really like your idea of keeping a happy note in a jar!! I think I should really do it! And, dun mind the repair man, you never know how many gays there are out there..all walks of life lol

  3. johor sucks, and so are those muslim states in the north. New Year should be a public holiday!!!


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