My birthday was actually last month. Kyle got me this cake at the last minute and I couldn't stop laughing. For those of you who don't know, "YAAASSSS" is actually something a Lady GaGa fan said which went viral. And whenever we're in the car Peanut and I keep saying YAAASSS and that's how Kyle knew about it. You can check the actual video here.

I mentioned about a friend in Entry 809. Honestly I don't know why I haven't given her a name on this blog. But anyway. We haven't been talking for a while now. And she messaged me today. And honestly I don't know what to do or say. I do understand her situation partly. Sigh. The entire issue is with her boyfriend not being okay with her talking to me. Apparently he doesn't feel "comfortable". >_>

Another thing that has been troubling me lately is my drawer chest. I bought it last year from Ikea before I moved here. And two out of the three drawers have started to have this really really really really strong rotten fish smell. No matter how much I clean, the smell doesn't go away. I have no place to put my clothes now. Obviously the wardrobe isn't big enough for both of our clothes. 

I'm quite fed up staying at home. My daily routine is something like; have breakfast, go to the gym, have lunch, wait for Kyle to come back home, have dinner, sleep. But the thing is, if I want to go out I need to wake up early to drop off Kyle at work so that I can use the car. Even if we did have two cars, parking would be impossible since the building only allows one parking spot per unit. If only public transport was better in JB.


  1. I know..luckily the buses here at my place are quite reliable. I can always make last-min decisions to go to the city and have a walk on my own.

    1. I guess I should stop being lazy and wake up early if I want to go out

  2. so sweet you guys live together..but err..may i ask? you guys live in jb or kl?

  3. that boyfriend should felt 'comfortable' since you're gay...


      hahaha ikr! it fits into daily conversation so easily


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